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Full Version: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 1+2
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These archives contain all the files from the ROMs, unpacked and decompressed.
Devil Survivor 1 (about 30 MCool
Devil Survivor 2 (about 60 MCool

The files under Unit are the usual Nitro files (as in Oil of Vitriol) and are the field sprites. Everything else are files that can be viewed with TiledGGD (CMPs are the actual graphics, NTFPs are palettes), with what most of this project going to be coming from the TEX folder.

And anyone wanting to do the demons that have field sprites and want to arrange it like I did for Lucifer and Pyro Jack, here is where everything is:
BtlChar is for the battle sprites when you actually engage the enemy

Under Common are bustup (face shot with background) and icon (the square icon)

Order (the really small face shot)

Status (the compendium image, which will look cropped, also must be viewed as Tiled, not Linear)

And the demons for the sequel may not be organized so you'd have to find it with luck.

[Image: devsurv__belzaboul__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__belberith__icon.png]


Replaced the links from Minus (doesn't do non-images anymore) to GoogleDrive.
Oh man, that's a lot of files... I'll try and help out by converting loads of these up in a batch when I get a chance at some point, but no promises.
Too bad Ultimecia is gone. She'd love this.
[Image: iPcpoPA6Fu3Iq.png] [Image: devsurv__jackfrost__icon.png]

The difference between the two Black Frosts is a color difference, one is darker than the other.
That second icon says Busts, but I got it sorted, no worries!

Uploading these now.
[Image: devsurv__jezebel__icon.png]
This has to be one of the oddest games I've ever seen.
Nevertheless, fantastic work as always!
And it's up!
I'm reconsidering how I'm ripping these. Doing sheets for the individual Character Units is no problem as there are less than the actual numbers of characters to do (only a fraction of them have field sprites, well for the first game, haven't checked the second) and those should be no problem. However I'm going to the divide the other stuff into Class-type sheets, so that instead of the giant sheets (like the Busts sheet), all of the required graphics (Battle Sprites, Order Portraits, Icons, Status Portrait, and the Busts) will be split up into various class sheets (Megami, Deity, Fallen, etc.). It'll also help in that only focusing with a specific class (which can range from 4 to 8 entries), will get sheets done quicker.

Like this:
[Image: devsurv__megami__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__deity__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__vile__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__snake__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__dragon__icon.png]
[Image: devsurv__divine__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__avian__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__fallen__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__avatar__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__beast__icon.png] [Image: devsurv__wilder__icon.png]
Got these!
[Image: i61qAYpGvnleP.png] [Image: ivLHqmG5IDprW.png] [Image: i94eZGQY4mpki.png] [Image: ii22d9ukmx9Mx.png]
Deathbringer Wrote:[Image: devsurv__avatar__icon.png]
My first thought was a censored dick.
Yeah, that came to my mind too.
Uploaded those too. May as well get everything that appears right up until I update.
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