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½ as good as Gorstream!

i'm getting into streaming my pixels now! check me out here:

i've only done one real stream, but there will be more. in fact, i will be streaming in a few minutes. be on the lookout!
Ho shiggity-diggity

Everyone get your butts in here
This should be crappy. Cute (weak joke)
[Image: 79Ztm.png]

i only have about a half hour left to be at home right now, so i'm going to do a short 15 minute stream where i make food items for the beat 'em up.

whoops, forgot to say

stream ended about 10 minutes ago
With so many streams now, They might as well make it a requirement for a (Truly)active member Tongue
i'm out of school for the rest of the summer... sounds like a good time to stream!

in a few hours.

you all better be ready!!

'cause i'm not

i've got preparations to make...
it begins...

and by that i mean you can go to the stream page and something will be happening within a few minutes
I have to go to sleep before I pass out, why does stuff have to happen when I'm either gone or need to sleep?

You work on dat arm, CrappyBlueLuigi~
stream's over! here's what i made:

[Image: yUgFi.png]
these guys, and

[Image: QWhoy.gif]
this animation!

thanks to everyone who watched! (all five of you)
DARN IT. I wish I would've seen the animation segment. ;__;

I'll be sure to catch it next time
Dah, I missed the animation segment too! Sad The first three acts were really entertaining though.
for the convenience of those who didn't watch the stream (and for those who did but had to put up with my screwups), here are the Act animations i made for the separate sections of the stream:

You guys know you can go back and watch the recordings, right?
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