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Full Version: Minecraft Pocket Edition
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Heya guys. Here`s everything in the iOS edition of Minecraft.
[Image: iYIAocTctGnAQ.png] 


EDIT: Added the textures(?) and the icons. Thank you once again Davy Jones.
How about putting them on the big sheet with a few notes? Btw, the "Minecraft Pocket Edition" sprite has two spots with white background colour (the N and the C).
Protip: NEVER use an iPad to remotely control your home computer to submit sprites. It is extremely annoying.

Uhhh... I edited the OP with what should be the final version. I added the textures, fixed some white leftovers, and added the icon that appears on the iPod springboard.

Anything else? Just tell me. See ya~
Sorry for the bump but here`s a section icon.

[Image: iONSXMK9E1Nmr.png]

Getting screenshots for this game is difficult so if this one isn't good enough then I`ll try again.
It's good enough just to get the stuff up, it can always be changed later if anybody wants. So there you have it, it's on TSR now. Big Grin
Man, you've been busy uploading stuff! Well anyway, thank you, Miss Jetters.
I sure have, I'm aiming for a specific goal. Wink