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As some of you already know, i started a live stream yesterday. If you're up to see me making random sprites and music, check it out!

I'll be streaming my pixel shenanigans everyday; in fact, keep your eyes peeled because there will be a stream soon!

Stream's over for now - I'll see if I can make another tonight!
In before everyone starts streaming

If you ever stream at a time less awkward for me I'll peek in.
lol I had a Livestream account. Truth is that no one ever wanted to watch me. Cry

oh well! I hope it doesn't sound awkward that I watch you now.Shy
I watched last your stream last night and it was nice to see how you sprite. Smile

Though, I'm still wondering what application of yours was making that PING noise around the time when you were finishing that vipershark sprite. Embarassed
it was win7's default notification noise

my computer's set to use stereo mix as sound input, so this is why the noise started playing. It basically played the sound and my computer recorded it, then re-recorded it every time it played on the stream.

thankfully I noticed that muting the flash app fixes the issue, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
yeah we kept asking him over skype what it was but it wouldn't go away OTL

(me and sploder made gorsal start streaming)
Mystery solved, then. Smile

I should have probably guessed that; I have had the same kind of issues using stereo mix, too.

But aren't you using a previous version of paint than win7, gors?
He's using XP Paint.
Many (most?) of us here do, in conjunction with GraphicsGale.

i got the XP paint from the internet since 7paint sucks balls
[Image: lfPum.jpg]

Slightly unrelated, but I just got a 3DS, and I have to say... Mario like-a da Gors-a stream-a.
stream start!
(06-27-2012, 02:43 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]yes

i got the XP paint from the internet since 7paint sucks balls

I don't use Paint for my everyday image editing but even I know that the XP version is the best.
This is freakin awesome Heart

a random msn virus attacked me, had to stop streaming for a little

hang on, guys
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