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Full Version: Offical TF2 Server Organized Games
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I am probably not the person to be making this topic. So whoever is, feel free to take over. The topic is self explanatory, we have a server but I always seems to miss the games on it or when I am on there's only about 5 of us playing. I'm sure plenty of you are experiencing the same thing and the topic is aimed to fix this. So Basically use this topic as a hub to organize events, tournaments and whatever really.
Have fun guys.

If anyone is down for a game I'll be on in about half an hour.

Official tSR Server;
Just a suggestion, might want to add it to the first post: when organising a tournament or something ahead of time (like a few days or so), you should state the day and time in GMT (saying that it's GMT), so that people can convert it to their own time. Otherwise someone will say "I'll be on at 4PM" and then we'll get time zone problems.
Holy shit, the server got incredibly busy there. I'm talking full for a good two hours. If I missed anyone from on here while playing through, I'm sorry! Wasn't trying to ignore anyone
i was ghost for the record; i love the scorch shot
So what's up with the server anyway, I don't see it anymore. Is it being worked on or is it just not up anymore?