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Thought it would be interesting to know how long everyone has played tf2.
I've played for 308 hours and counting.
148 hours so far. Note that this I only started playing when it became F2P (June 28 2011, almost one year ago), and although I now have premium, that's only recently and I already crossed the 140 hours mark before then.
Five hours

Well I've only picked up the game just recently, my last computer was unable to run it
Heh, four hours.
Played three times as people asked me to. Usually I'm not much of a shooter or online player. Cool
156 hours.

I haven't been playing a lot recently.
0 hours
935 hours

which is way too long

Oh right, it counts idling time, too.
(06-26-2012, 11:42 AM)The Bat-hound Wrote: [ -> ]0 hours

Oh you!

You should come and play some time if you're up for it, it's really fun. We've got some really good players on at times but the teams balance out quite well most of the time

I'm sitting at 129 hours, I'm sure some of that, maybe twenty-ish hours will have been from idling while testing the server the last few days.
1476 hours accumulated since 2008.

Dear god.
Since August 2011.

I most idle'd too much and traded too much
642 hours, not bad for only starting to play right before it went free.

idling is for babies.
4,138.1 hrs