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Full Version: Replay thread anyone?
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Lets have a thread where we can post replays of certain games and show how good or bad we are, or alternatively just some pretty damn hilarious moments in game.

So to start things off here's an old video of me sucking badly with the scout.
Aha, finally a reason to actually save replays. Sometimes I record lives where I get heaps of headshot kills, but I never save them. I'll start doing it now to show off.

The only one I've ever saved was when I tried to make an awful pun:

I have this really old video on my YT account, heh.

(disregard me being a weeaboo)
I made this like forever ago but you guys can have it!

surf servers are fun
Dont mind me, Im still rather inexperienced. Im just happy to average 2-3 kills a life, haha.

Damn, camstudio compressed that video to Hell and back

Also some advice on how to get better couldn't hurt either
Practice, I say. Play regularly on the same map, that way once you're familiar with the map you can focus on improving your skills with the classes.

You can also try watching other players in spectator mode, you might pick up a few techniques.
Or just get killed, have fun and enjoy the game