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First of all, thanks whoever made this forum section. It was needed.

Second, since we don't "have enough topics about hats", here's one. Just post about your favourite hats, ones you recently got, or ones you really want. You can even organize trades or whatever, as long as it's about hats.

I've recently been pretty ecstatic about my Mann Co. Cap after getting premium. I've got it equipped on all of my most-used class item presets. What's funny (well not really but whatever) is that it's the only hat I've got where you can actually see the Soldier's eyes Tongue

[Image: 250px-Mann_Co._Cap.png]
(06-25-2012, 03:14 PM)puggsoy Wrote: [ -> ]I've recently been pretty ecstatic about my Mann Co. Cap after getting premium. I've got it equipped on all of my most-used class item presets.

i did the same thing with the parasite hat. it is my #1 hat and i will not trade it for anything.

This hat right here is my favourite.
[Image: 800px-Superfan.png]
Looks better with Team Spirit on it I'm too lazy to photoshop that.
EDIT: This should might as well be a whore your loadout thread or something
(06-25-2012, 03:23 PM)alexmach1 Wrote: [ -> ]son, you could get this amazing hat for free and its better than that piece-o-cap(hahapun)

Ah, so that's how you get it. Like the Spiral Sallet from Spiral Knights. Well then, all the more reason to play Alien Swarm.
I have a rather dignified pair of vintage surgeon mask and vintage vintage tyrolean that I was thinking of selling, but I think I'll hold on to 'em.

Also managed to get a vintage brainslug recently.

Otherwise, I tend to wear the Spiral Sallet (which isn't really a Spiral Sallet) a lot.
As of right now, my baby is an Orbiting Flames Bonk Helmet that a good buddy of mine gave to me for free.

Combine that with a Bonk Boy and some Deus Specs and you have yourself one sexy Scout~
i got this some time ago, its been on my pyro ever since
also this is my new demoman hat ever since i unboxed it

earlier some guy was trying to scam the shaman out of me earlier by offering me literally just normal weapons i already have, a crate, and a couple stranges

i may not have more than 300 hours on tf2 but i am smart enough to realize all of those together aren't even worth a bud, let alone the 5-6+ people were estimating mine to be worth lmao
[Image: tprZI.png]

look what i found

dont care if its not relevant its misc related and useless but i love it
[Image: Medic_Brown_Bomber.png]

I love this all-class hat. Lovely Heart
[Image: HOp51.png]

i kind of like my heavy this

[Image: 20110828214749%21Pyro_proof_of_purchase.png]
[Image: 20110204010604%21Attendant.png]
[Image: Safe%27n%27Sound.png]
and this. and for the most part, i like the stock hats of the rest of the classes.
I found a Berliner's Bucket Helm while playing a match recently.

Easily the best drop I've ever had, apart from finding a nametag once.

Hat-wise though, I really like the eastern-themed ones like the Furious Fuukamigasa(sp?). I got that one and the Samureye but not the Killer's Kabuto.