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Full Version: Project Elizabeth Needs 2d artists!
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Hey all, I've been a long time lurker in these parts and am happy to show off the trailer to Elizabeth. It's an isometric action rpg being developed within Unity 3d. Now just because it's being made in Unity 3d does not correlate to it using polygonal assets. Which is why I'm here to plea with you fine folks. We are seeking for team members to join our ranks who have experience working with sprites in the isometric perspective. Depending on the quality of work submitted, team members are eligible to cash bonuses upon successful deliverables. So here's the trailer to get you an idea of how the narrative direction will head.


What is the game about?
Elizabeth is a game about breaking the expectations of the player and hopefully making them chuckle from time to time. As you can see from the trailer; the game starts off with the "chosen one" being killed off. Leaving Elizabeth to have to pick up the quest and progress forward. But this is more then just a simple sprite swap. Elizabeth isn't the chosen one, and because of that the game plays drastically differently then other games in this genre (Legend of Zelda specifically). Items destined for the chosen one will be present in the game, but will not be usable by the player. For example; The sword of might is placed right outside the tutorial area of the game. Elizabeth can walk up to it and grip it's hilt. But the sword wont budge.

This will pattern will continue to other points of the game as well. One dungeon will have several walls marked to look as if they are destructible. Sadly Elizabeth will never have access to bombs. She is a woman in a medieval world, and thus is not trusted to handle explosives (yes the undertones of sexism are not very well hidden). Because of this she'll have to explore her environment and find different ways to bypass these walls. This is just one example of how the game will differ from others in genre.

But who is Elizabeth and why should the player care about her?
Elizabeth was Alex "The Chosen one" betrothed. He was fond of her, and because of that she was allowed to train with him. This comes in handy when she is left to save Gullrith. But even with this training, she is not strong enough to tackle the foes in the game head on. Instead the game will focus heavily on evasion and attacking on opportunity. This has proven to be a challenge when programming the game, but we hope that it'll be what separates the game from the onslaught of indie games currently coming out.

But wait, who are you?
I'm Daniel Perzan and the lead at Notso2d. Two years ago I produced an iPhone game called Pearl attack. Although I have experience working in a 3d environments, I believe that 2d games have a certain magic that isn't present in polygonal games. Perhaps it's the fact that the player doesn't need to worry about the camera, or it could be as basic as nostalgia altering my design fundamentals.

If you are interested; reply to me on the forums or through the contact section of I'll be checking up on this forum so feel free to post any questions about the project here. We're currently working on AI and system management files. For those who arn't in the programming loop, it's the stage right before we can start the content generation phase. The first set of deliverables will be to help clean up in the in game section of the trailer. We are basically going to replace the current style with one more akin to Legend of Zelda minish cap. This is a PAYING gig (per deliverable).
I'd like to ask you to add more information about your game to your post. Gameplay, story, characters, whatever you've got. Your trailer there doesn't really show enough.

(11-29-2011, 02:00 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]2. Post enough content.
We won't accept a thread that barely describes your game, and especially not if there's no game or content at all. If you're making a game, be sure to include actual evidence of the game being worked on. In other words, make the game available for others to play, show screenshots, talk about the gameplay/programming, etc. If you're working on a game idea, tell us how the game will play, show some concept art of characters and/or places. If you're making a program or application, tell us what it does, the requirements to run it, etc. Include -something- in your thread to let us know what it is that you’re posting.
Don't forget to say what programming language/game-making program you're using for the project.

Otherwise, this would be too much of a pure recruitment post which are frowned upon here. Add enough content and it should be fine.
Besides more information makes it more interesting and convincing for people to join your project.
Added more content to the initial post. As the project continues to develop I'll post A gameplay vid. Hopefully you all will like the direction it's going.
The story of this is pretty funny. I like the whole "what if" segment and how it's played out.

If I was free, I'd totally take up on this. Seems like it'd be a fun project. I hope this project gets more recognition! Good luck : )