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Gang Wars/Battle Charge/Face Off/Whatever Dumb Name I Can Think Of

is a game designed by Gors, who also made the placeholder art. It's kind of like a board game I guess.

I had been wanting to make a historical battle game and Gors drew this up and called it "Gang Wars":
[Image: War%20-%20Gors.png]

Obviously his placeholders aren't very historical (sorry angie), the code is very rushed/ugly and the game is extremely buggy/unfinished. I made this in maybe 30 minutes? Don't bother pointing out the bugs, I probably know all of them but I'm too tired to do anything at the moment. Right now I just want to know if the game design is good and if I should continue. Also there's no victory condition, probably just gonna be something where you need more of your units at the end than the enemy has at the end. Tie-breaker should be health or something

Here's the link: The Game with No Name

Made with Javascript and CSS3 as an easy way to get criticism. I'll likely make a version for the desktop if the reaction is good.
vipershark gang represent
mugi all day erryday

i remember when gorsal made these concepts but i never really understood it
i'd like to see it improved upon though Big Grin
I love board games, and I love this idea. As it is, It's way too simple and a little flat. This is understandable, seeing
as it hasn't been fleshed out at all yet. there all sorts of ways you could go with this idea. Unique Units with
different/increased stats, hidden items on the field that help/hurt the discoverer, custom teams, you know all
that stuff.

As for technical stuff, have you considered allowing for a less linear movement? Instead of you just just charging forward,
why not allow units to move 4-directions, and perhaps have a goal, like a base to capture or destroy? That way the game
is more than just math left to right and vice-versa.

I hope you continue with this, because I'm really looking forward to it!
Looks interesting. I think it would be cool to have the units able to move around the board freely, instead of just forwards like pawns.
This actually reminds me of a game I have called "Hnefatafl" which was played by the Vikings. Basically, there are two uneven armies, one of which has a king piece. The king must get to one of the corners of the board. All pieces move like rooks in chess, and are taken by being "sandwhiched" between two others.
Wikipedia link:
Anyways, it's got some interesting gameplay elements so I thought it could be helpful.

EDIT: Got ninja'd by Sevenstitch on the directions of movement!
Ah back when I was in elementary school, I made a game just like that, but I played it on paper and I used cards to make the numbers. Everyone loved it. I think I might want to help with this project. (Even though there's not much I can do.) But I might still be able to provide some tips here and there.
And finally advertise my worthless bad jokes :p