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Full Version: JUNE ACTIVITY: Resprite the NESprites
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Took inspiration from Gaia's personal challenge.

Basically, grab any NES sprite and redo it. You don't to need to do the exact pose, follow NES' sprite rules or follow the design accurately. The only limitation is to use the same palette provided on the original sprite.

[Image: Jazlq.png]
[Image: 3OmCs.png]
[Image: vqQI6.png]

I'll be making more until i get bored. Feel free to participate!
Glad I can entertain! ^^

Anyway, here's what I got planned (am I doing it right NOW?):

[Image: rviwzb.png]

Also, you know Guycott will love you forever, right?


[Image: 2r7o8lv.png]

WIP, obviously.
I gave up pretty fast, but I did better than I thought. Maybe I'll try more seriously later.

[Image: SCjSj.png]
[Image: 104oi8w.jpg]
I think I give up Sad
[Image: jdQwH.png]
Shitty Red Mario?
[Image: Zr6Xc.png]
(06-05-2012, 01:31 AM)Crappy Blue Luigi Wrote: [ -> ][Image: jdQwH.png]

Crappy, you gotta stop the the extremely long and blending rectangle nose syndrome when you sprite Mario and Luigi some day
How do you know that's a nose? It could just as easily be a Gilbert mouth!!!
[Image: ts3fE.png]
more like

a HD NES sprite
[Image: getsufuma.png]
This is Getsu Fuma, from the game, Getsu Fuma Den.
One of my favorite games to lose in on the NES.

Like those pesky medusa heads in Castlevania?
Imagine if they took 1/3 of the screen.
In case I wasn't clear, CBL, all I mean is this:
[Image: crappynose.png]
oh. ignore the message i just sent, then.

i think that looks kind of odd, but it might be because of the rest of the face needing tweaks to better match the nose.

[Image: eYhpm.png]
Looks much better, but it's still slightly rectangular in terms of general width.
(06-05-2012, 05:11 PM)Kabukiguy Wrote: [ -> ][Image: getsufuma.png]

I don't know why no one else has said this yet, but that is freakin' sweet.
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