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Full Version: Super Mario Limitless
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ohai Big Grin

Super Mario Limitless is a project I'm working on with a few others. It aims to be as exactly like the original Mario games as possible (and to be better than the late SMBX). It's a program where you can create your own levels and then play them. You can also create overworlds, basically the ability to create your own Mario games without having to hack SMW.

Now enough of that gimmicky text, here's a video and a download:

Download Link

This alpha is over a month old and we are currently working on overworlds, (tile configurations, and file formats). Our goal here is customization, as you can see those look relatively easy to edit.

You can come hang out in our IRC channel if you want:
*sigh* The glory days, if there ever was, of SMBx are now over but still people latch on to the thought of a new, better and actively developed Mario engine. I have to admit that I'm in doubt but, after getting a bit of information on the IRC, this may actually come out to be good (dun dun dun).
Eh...the black box representing Mario looks a bit big, but it's a promising little project! Maybe later we can get some stuff from the "Land" series!
Don't necropost, thanks.
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