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Full Version: Devichoday
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Happy birthday, Miss Devicho Big Grin

Have a good one!!
happy birthday deviant art
Gratulerer med Dagen Smile
Happy Birthday!!
Many happy returns, no longer a teenager, eh?
(03-16-2012, 08:14 PM)Raz Wrote: [ -> ]Many happy returns, no longer a teenager, eh?
So she's legal?

[Image: 556173_o.gif]

All joking aside, Happy Birthday! : )
happy birthday, miss deviouscho!
but tomorrow is her birthday not today ITS TOMORROW

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bet her cake will have a naked gay skeleton in it.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Have a kooky birthday you loveable mod!
Happy birthday! Big Grin
Happy birthday, Devicho! c:
NOW it's her birthday.

So happy bday devi!
Happy Birthday Devicho! Hope its a good one.
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