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Full Version: RadSpyro's Submissions
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It'll probably be simpler this way Tongue

I have a bunch of sheets to upload, though some I'm just double checking through. For now:

The Lion King (Gen)
[Image: tlk_giraffeico.png] [Image: tlk_miscico.png] [Image: tlk_ostrichico.png]

Ostrich is playable. Others are NPCs!

I'm going to try and rip the monkey friends too. Next up: Items and the Rhino. Possibly general backgrounds from the game too.
I agree with this decision!
Yes! I thought that a general thread would be good for you. Tongue

Great, uploaded!
Got the Rhino and items done. Again, Genesis version of The Lion King!

[Image: tlk_rhinoico.png] [Image: tlk_itemsico.png]
You mixed up ostrich and giraffe, but great rips.
Great job! Gonna do the monkeys too? Big Grin
@ Davy Jones: Woops, thanks for pointing that out. If it's not too much trouble, could someone update this sheet? Thanks.

@ Tonberry2k: Yep, they'll be coming sometime this week hopefuly!

Also, here's the backgrounds:

[Image: tlkbgs_ico.png]
That's great! Updated Ostrich and added the BGs!
Awesome, thanks!

And another for Lion King again, level background. I may or may not rip the wildebeest, I'll see how I go.

[Image: tlk_stampedeico.png]
Got it. Tongue
Did you upload it Jetters?
I think Tonberry already uploaded it.
WTH IT WAS RIGHT THERE ON THE MAIN SITE! How did I miss that? NVM, deleted. Guess I should always check first. Blank
Haha XD Thanks anyway though, and thanks Tonberry for uploading too.

I haven't forgotten about the monkey rips, but here's a couple of final Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers rips. Robot Dog is an enemy. And with that, I think that's all character sprites ripped.

[Image: syl_scenesico.png] [Image: syltwee_robotdogico.png]
Just a quick, super random rip here.

From Cool Spot (Genesis):

[Image: coolspot_waico.png]
I don't see a section for Cool Spot in Genesis?
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