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Full Version: stars in the sky
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Happy birthday Starpower!

may you have a cintillating birthday c:
hbd Big Grin
Happy birthday!
Happy radular Birthday!
happy birthday, mr. starboard!
Happy Birthday! And pop in once and a while!
I love you all Heart

You guys are what keep me going! Thank you all!
And Koopaul..I'll be sure to do that, sir : )
It's a bit late.. But it's never bad to have an extra felicitation. Happy happy haaaaaaappy Birthday!! Feliz CumpleaƱos!! Big Grin
I already wished you a hbd on Facebook you whore Very Sad<

Also you might want to change your member title, it's a little dated...
I actually posted this yesterday after I went through a time portal to today, but I forgot it was today.

So happy bday SP!
Happy cunt bursting day
[Image: uJu6G.gif]

Happy nuclear fusion day, you dense ball of gas and flames!