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Full Version: Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden
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Ok, this is completely inspired by The Great Saiyaman ripping the SB2 NES pirate. I felt like ripping from one of the Super Butouden games for the SNES and when I looked to see what was ripped, I was shocked to see that no characters from any of the 3 games have been ripped yet! This is unacceptable. I'm asking people to help rip the characters from these games. I'm going to list them here.

[Image: qO5Mo.png](complete)
[Image: dbzsb2icon.png]
Cell Jr.(Mighty Jetters)
Mr. Satan(complete)(icon)

[Image: ibjsSgnjx9ynWJ.png](complete)
If you want to help, just post stating which character from which game you're going to be doing and I will put your name next to it so others will know its being worked on. Once you've completed someone, post it here and I'll mark it off the list.

To start us off I've already completed Goten from SB3, and I've started Goku from SB3.


We're almost done, and you guys keep talking about doing Hyper Dimension, so let's throw that in here too.

[Image: dbzhypdimen.png]
Kid Buu (The current sheet looks pretty complete)
Majin Buu(Gaia)
Cell(complete)(there is an icon on the site already)
Good idea,maybe i help you when ill be done with dbz sb nes pirate sprites.
Edit1:can you fix piccalo name into piccolo and bowjack to bojack, because its way should be,i think.
I love you Belial! Cute(In a non-weird way XD )

I'd also love to help if you don't mind! Smile
If so, can I do Majin Buu from Super Botouden 2?
I wouldn't mind helping out with this, but I don't know who I'd start with. I'll have to decide later. (I just started ripping again)
@Shade: Was Buu in SB2? or did you mean SB3?

@Tom: Awesome! Glad to see you back at it!

Aaaaand here's Goku from SB3.
I'll be sticking with SB3 for now... so next I'm claiming Android 18.
Well, I downloaded Super Botouden 2 and apparently it was 3! XD
I'm gonna need a section icon for these three games. Wink

Excellent job, Belial. I will consider helping with this. Big Grin
Damn, just came to say "The sooner you get some section icons up, the sooner they'll be on the site!" Tongue
I'm a psychic y'see, Ton. Wink
Here's an icon for Super Butouden 3!

[Image: ibjsSgnjx9ynWJ.png]
Started Frieza. Might do both versions of Cell next.

It's one of those fighting games that has a LOT of repeated frames... I'm wondering whether to just post every frame in as good a context as I can, or post every animation and repeat the frames when necessary. Any thoughts anyone?
Personally, I'd repeat the frames for each animation. Gives it a complete feel.Smile
I use duplicate sprites when ripping from a fighting game. That way people can get a sense of how an animation would look Wink
That's what I've generally done in the past, with a few exceptions. It's just that Frieza is incredibly redundant with his frames, but otherwise it wouldn't make much sense in terms of animation, so I'll include them.
Buu ya!
I'm not sure how complete it is but there it is! Smile

Edit: I also noticed a palette change depending on the level, that's why there's two alt poses at the bottom.

Double Edit: Also, ICON
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