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Just an idea. We can post unfinished rips here and people can take them up if they want. I have a few that just got too big/difficult.

Goo Goo from Clay Fighter 2 (SNES)
Lonesome Ghosts from Mickey Mania (Gen) This guy cycles through a lot of palettes, so I gave up. Probably better for a ripper than a capturer.
I love this idea! I could post Abobo! Cute
Oh boy, I could fill a book with these... Well, not really, but I've got quite a collection of unfinished rips. I may do them someday, but I'd rather share them than call dibs when I have a full-time job to concentrate on.

Chakan with Swords (Chakan: The Forever Man for Sega Genesis. Probably the most deserving of my unfinished rips, Chakan has so many poses, and combining the fact that he has two magic spells that change his sword graphics (each of which having two palettes for OTHER spells) ANNND the fact I was making a habit of also ripping the weapons as they appear when Chakan is invisible made this a painstaking effort that I work on very, very, veeeery slowly.

Beelzebub (King of Demons for SNES). I'm not sure if that's his real name, that's the name he has in an FAQ I read. He's really just a static image that shoots lightning and has a rotating eye sprite in his center. Mostly ripped, but I think I'm missing some pieces too.

Dragon Rider (King of Dragons for SNES). This is actually almost completely done, it's just that the palette is wrong on most of the red ones except for the one that's assembled next to the palette swaps.

Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Sega Genesis). The beginning of ripping the last characters in this Sega fighting game, the Rangers themselves. Most of the rangers actually share sprites with each other aside from certain specials (with the exception of the Green and Pink rangers who have changed heads). This would actually be relatively easy for that reason. Just been swamped.

Slimes (Secret of Mana for SNES). This is MOST of the rip (save for the core), but I don't really know how to accurately portray it's palette swapping. Sad That's the most discouraging part for this one.

Humanoid Mechs (Shinobi III for Sega Genesis). Thanks to a better emulator I have the ability to rip certain things I wasn't able to rip before, but I forget where I left off. There's also the damage palettes which are a pain to rip in the way that I rip things (Poorly).

All Enemies (Super Ninja Boy for SNES). This is just one of the bosses. I actually have tiles ripped for EVERY enemy in the game, but at the time I didn't realize you could change the background images for tiles in vSNES. It comes out with black standard for this game, and at the time I had saved all the tiles in vSNES and planned to use ANOTHER tile viewing program to get all the black outlines. Ultimately I just have to rip them all again, it's just a pain and I don't feel like it right now.

Bosses (Sword Master for NES). This is nearly complete save for two of the last bosses, a pair of knights. They have some of the harder to catch animations that go by faster than most. I might do this one first out of all of these considering how close I already am. This is almost all the enemies in the game too since regular enemies just consist of either recolors of these guys, of bats or of flying eyeballs.

Bosses (Wagyan Land for NES). This one isn't very far along. I just felt like it one time and never got around to it beyond this.

Gatling Robo (Wild Guns for SNES). I am missing some of the gatling spinning sprites and maybe some projectile sprites, but this is actually almost done.

Gadis (Ys IV: Dawn of Ys for PC Engine). Part of the beginning of my short-lived PC Engine stint, this is the furthest I got on one of the bosses from one of my favorite game series. Considering there's a decent amount of story sprites for characters like these, it makes it harder to rip if I saved beyond a certain point in the game. Also the boss sprites themselves have various changing palettes which were always a pain for me.
Here you go everyone!
If you don't finish it, Abobo will visit you...TONIGHT!
I remember making a topic like this once. Anyway, I might post a sheet or two later.
I'll have to look and see if I have any unfinished ones (that I'm not bent on finishing all by myself, that is).
Okay, here's mine!
Boss (from Hamtaro Ham-Ham Challenge for DS)

Oh, and I posted this in my submission topic already, but I may as well post them again. This just contains a bit of every character from Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games.
Good idea Ton, I think you should contact the author too, to see if he/she can complete it.

I find that Justice League: Task Force (SNES) has incompletes sheets, as they're ripped by Belial, I'll contact him myself.
Yea, those rips are pretty old. I'm sure someone could do a much better job of it. Especially on Aquaman.
(01-14-2012, 10:33 PM)SHADEDBZ Wrote: [ -> ]Here you go everyone!
If you don't finish it, Abobo will visit you...TONIGHT!
I'll just leave this here...

I'll put a tag up if you wanna upload it. Wink
(01-19-2012, 05:14 AM)Tonberry2k Wrote: [ -> ]I'll put a tag up if you wanna upload it. Wink
They're up. I've uploaded it with the submitter as "poxpower", the pixel artist for that game. It only makes sense, I mean it took only like 15 seconds to extract the sprites from that game.
Shouldn't this thread be in Ripping Projects? It just feels weird having it here in the default "Spriter's Resource" forum.
If you have all the time and patience to complete this, go for it! I've also added to the sheet a list of all the poses that this guy has. I've only done about half the intro. I stopped this because it's just too much for me. Good luck to anyone who decides to complete this.

Swedish Chef from The Muppets: On With The Show! (GBA)
They're already on the site, but only recently realised I missed some things like grabbing a ledge and pulling himself up. Probably missed a lot more, also.
Fairly sure this has more characters, but again, only found out after.
I have the feeling I'm missing a few animations here, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you what. It also has a horrible red background.
The animation where Miller takes off the Sunglasses is missing. Other codec sprites for other characters may or may not be missing animations also...

That's the ones on the site; I don't believe I have anything sitting on the computer. It's been a while...
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