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Hello everyone! As a Christmas present to you all, I have extracted MKW's models and will be sharing some with you! Big Grin I'll be editing this post with the rest of the BRRES files once I extract them all so everyone can help out. For now here's what I have so far. Merry Christmas and enjoy the models! (Special thanks to Dinner Sonic for providing the ISO.)

Character Files
Common Objects Files
Demo Files
Course Files 1
Course Files 2

I'd like in, as well. I have a few models up in a bit.
Here ya go! Again, have a merry Xmas! Thanks again Mighty!

[Image: Wk17G.png][Image: 990g0.png][Image: 4N4f8.png]

That's wonderful! Thank you A.J.! And Merry Christmas! Big Grin
Oooh, Mario Kart Wii? Awesome! Big Grin

I hope you plan on eventually ripping the vehicles as well, since there are some pretty nice ones in there. Smile

Also, would you mind making a thumbnail for the game? You deserve the honor for ripping all of the files.
Yep, the kart files are what I was currently working on extracting actually (there are zillions of them... and not even half done)!

Also, there's already a section! Tongue It only consists of two rips from Shadowth117.
Oh, so there is! Nevermind then.

The ones above are up!
May I join in as well? Here's a few models to start out with:

[Image: babymarioicon.png][Image: babyluigiicon.png][Image: babypeachicon.png][Image: babydaisyicon.png]

Yes! That's awesome, RBY! Big Grin
Got a few more for ya!

[Image: B8tmv.png][Image: MGXPG.png][Image: 8WTGT.png]

You guys are incredible! Here's a quick contribution from myself before I get back to playing Starfy so it won't look like I'm being lazy. Wink

I want to submit Toadette myself because she's my favorite character, but until I learn how to combine separate model parts, she will have to be left out for now.
Oh, and A.J., Peach and Daisy can be uploaded, but you will have to update them when I get the vehicle files up because, along with their main models that have both their kart and bike outfits in one, they also have 2 other versions, one of just the kart outfit (dress) and one with just their bike outfit, along with low-poly versions of each of those outfits in their "riding" pose. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also because of this I have updated Rosalina:

I'll get the new preview image up tomorrow.
Thanks for the heads up! Also, looking at your Rosalina file that you updated, is it necessary to include the model with the kart and the bike outfits overlapping?
Well, Peardian said it was okay to include it, and... well, it might be useful to someone, and it just feels more complete too. Tongue
Here's Waluigi and a few items:

[Image: waluigiicon.png][Image: mushroomicon.png][Image: bananaicon.png][Image: goldenmushroomicon.png][Image: bloopericon.png]

All of the above models are up! Well, not counting Peach and Daisy, as I'm waiting on them to be updated first.
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