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Full Version: [Read!] Game Dev Section Rules (Updated 05-30-2014)
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The Universal Rules apply.
By posting in or opening a thread on these forums, you acknowledge these rules and guidelines and agree with what they state.

Game Dev Section Rules


1. Post enough content.
We won't accept a thread that barely describes your game, and especially not if there's no game or content at all. If you're making a game, be sure to include actual evidence of the game being worked on. In other words, make the game available for others to play, show screenshots, talk about the gameplay/programming, etc. If you're working on a game idea, tell us how the game will play, show some concept art of characters and/or places. If you're making a program or application, tell us what it does, the requirements to run it, etc. Include -something- in your thread to let us know what it is that you’re posting.
Don't forget to say what programming language/game-making program you're using for the project.
  • 1.1: This also means reserving threads is prohibited.
    Threads with content such as "I am making a game, will post it when it's done" will be locked on sight. Those are completely pointless and aren’t useful for anything. Post only when you've got actual content.

2. Everything posted here is prone to criticism.
People will give C+C on your work, so don't go apeshit if you don't get the sugarcoating you wanted. Consider this a way to promote your game; we’re giving you advice on how to improve here and make your game the best it can be.
  • 2.1: Don't be rude though.
    You're free to give C+C on anyone's work here, but this doesn't mean you can say 'you suck' or 'this is shit' and just leave it at that. Give the OP very concise AND constructive criticism so they can improve their work.

3. Requests are strictly prohibited.
We don’t have a requests section just because. If you plan on making a thread in which you're the “idea guy” and just want us to “make sprites for your game”, forget it. Either post it in the requests section like everyone else, or don’t post at all.
  • 3.1: Recruiting, however, is allowed.
    While it’s technically a request, recruiting for your project is allowed if you meet the requirements. If you have enough legitimate content in your game (as in, you’ve actually done a large amount of work on the game YOURSELF), and have enough reputation from people (I’m not talking about the green number below your avatar; I'm talking about REAL reputation), you can recruit people to help you. Note that they may want money for their work, however. Be sure to explain how you'll pay the contributors, how much, and when.
  • 3.2: Don't post purely to advertise.
    If you joined just so you can cheaply advertise your game, tough luck. We're no ad board. Post only if you sincerely want to get feedback and criticism. Pure ad threads will be locked and all references to your product will be removed. Don't try to be sneaky, either.

4. Don't use forum attachments for game files.
Use dedicated external file hosting sites, such as Mediafire, Filebeam, Dropbox or another site of your preference. Attachments will be removed.

  • Original Games
  • Fangames
  • Programs and Applications (gif animator, image editor, music maker, etc)
  • Romhacks, IPS patches, etc
  • Game Mods and Custom Maps, etc
  • Open Source Code made by you.

Any mod has the rights to update these rules when they feel it necessary.
Added another rule regarding file hostings (Rule 7).
Updated rule 3, and added a complementary rule 3.1.
Added an item on the 'list of things allowed in Gamedev'.
Edited the list a little, minor wording edits.
Updated 5/18/12.
  • Minor spelling and grammatical fixes, some renamed rules, etc.
  • Removed Rule 2 about the title tagging. It was an archaic rule that was unnecessary anyway. If you put enough content in your title/post like you're supposed to, there's no need for tags.
  • Since Rule 5 and 6 were both technically about requesting, I put them together as one rule. Rules 5 and 6 are now Rules 4 and 4.1
Removed rule #1 since the universal rules apply anyways; therefore we've got that text about them at the very top.
Added rule #3.2 about advertising.
You placed rule 3.2 in 2.2, I don't know if you placed it right. I am going to move it to 3.2 as it makes more sense there; and minor gramatical fixes.

Open Source Code specified to 'coding made by the OP' in order to prevent flooding.