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Here are the second round's temporary rankings:


1. Alex IDV
2. Perseus
3. BynineB
4. Alex
5. Mighty Jetters
6. Strasteo
7. Omega


1. mr grumbleguts
2. Previous
3. Gorsal Jr.
4. Ever
5. Phantom K
6. Starsock64


1. x0_000
2. Chris2Balls
3. Clear
4. Starpower
5. JosiahT
ccoffee table

I have yet to receive the verdict from the judges, so this is my opinion of the rankings. If you have any questions regarding the way I ranked you, don't hesitate to ask.
Awww man, I'm the worst out of those 4 entries...
It's nice to see that everyone who made an entry in Beginners got through for now ;D
I've been pretty busy recently, and I still haven't heard from the judges.
I won't be able to do anything before Sunday. At this rate this'll be the definite ranking.
I can't promise C+C, but I'll see if I have the time to give you all something to clarify.

I'm sorry for the delays.
Just declare me the winner of TUGS'11 and we'll be fine

Eh... I have to admit that I wasn't so fired up this round, but I tried my best for what I had.
(09-02-2011, 09:48 AM)Chris2Balls [:B] Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry for the delays.
On the other hand, I'm thankful because I just got reliable internet access again Big Grin

Okay, I now have Internet again too.

I'm writing C+C for now.

Alex IDV: Giving a clean and simple look to your piece definitely saves you some time! I do think the background could exist (ie you introduce a context to the scene). You've used the diptych structure well and it is rather comic. I like the characterization. I do however think that you over AAd everything in this, and the frames could do with more work. Good job!

Alex: This piece makes me ask myself many questions: what is the queen in? Where is this happening? What are the royal couple looking at? I think the colours for the royal couple are too pure in comparison to the background and the other elements which comprise the scene. The composition for now feels very static and flat: static because the characters are statue-like in posture, and flat because everything is one the same plane facing the same direction. This means a poor sense of space, too. I would push the characters a few pixels up, that way it'll feel like there is space around the characters. The frames are very bland. You can do better!

BynineB: I really like the composition in this, very funny! It's a shame it feels so empty, in the way that it doesn't feel finished. It's a shame both canvases are so similar, because I know you're able of so much more. What you could do is add a few hints of stonework, tapestry, texture etc. to some of the surfaces, here and there, but enough to convey a material of some kind. The torch should be spreading light in a more visible way. I also think that you could emphasize the ideas of dust, age and dereliction.

Mighty Jetters: Once again, quite an empty and unfinished feeling to this. The impression of perspective is destroyed by the conflicting point of views of the various elements. The shading according to a lightsource is generally consistent. I feel that you've unnecessarily AAd parts of this, for instance on the plate, on the queen's dress nearest to the table. The composition is well-thought, since it opposes the couple and creates a tension and a relation between the pieces. The frames are rather strange, but I can see that you've put some work in the jewel, which unfortunately seems too AAd (between the shades) and gives no idea whatsoever of what it is; jewels are usually more or less transparent, plus it has sides. I'd suggest looking for some references. I do like the rendering of the characters, which remind me of stop-motion films and play-doe!

Omega: One of the most promising pieces. The frame is looking good, but I'd add some highlights at the bottom, like something you'd usually encounter on reflective surfaces. I love that Freecell/Solitaire style for the king, it was a great idea for the assignment. I'm disappointed to not see more progress on this.

Perseus: Overall, this has some of the best shading in this category! I don't have any big issues with this other than a bit of banding and over AAing. A bit simple to the point of it being bland, I think it could've been spiced up with a different background to contrast more with the couple, and perhaps a larger canvas, because it feels rather cramped for now. The frames could do with more work and it wasn't a good idea to use the same colours for the cross and the frame because they're blending. I do appreciate you differenciating them with small details!

Strasteo: This has potential: I like the idea of stained glass, but what you've done isn't very readable. I don't understand your choice of the shape of the canvas, as it's reductive more than anything else. I think this could benefit of more contrast between each elements, and more hue shifting between them too. It's a shame this isn't finished!

Ever: Good composition and funny characters! My main issue here is the contrast, which seems to be badly handled: the blue of the clothes blends into the background, and the brighter skin tones (like on the servant's head and arm) are barely distinguishable ie it affects readability. I feel the palette lacks variety, and I don't find the colours very interesting.

Gorsal Jr: Yes, I like that green ramp. I think the cauldron could do with some shading. I'm getting a Castlevania vibe from the wizard. About the wizard: his legs aren't very readable against his cloak, more contrast is needed. If the assistant is a gargoyle, then you have my thumbs up; its pixel clusters could do with more tidying up and I'd add a lighter shade for the highlights. The gargoyle's problem is readability and at that size it shouldn't be a problem. I feel that the rock it's on could be more exposed to the light from the cauldron. There's a green that's blending a lot with the blue: either change the brightness or the saturation. The explosion has confusing movement: firstly, the sharper edges, which are fine; secondly, those swirls: they're not telling us anything about the explosion and in fact, the two lower ones take a lot away from the impact because they are facing the same direction. If they ware facing opposite directions further out of the explosion, it wouldn't be interfering the with the straight lines so much.

mr grumbleguts: Wow, that stonework must've taken ages to shade. I really like the shadow underneath the planks, great stuff. However, outlining the stone with both a black and a light outline doesn't tell us a lot about its volume. I think the servant and the pig could be better shaded and more readable. The wizard's eye has too many shades, to the point where it bands. The lighting from the wand is pretty good but it doesn't seem to affect the wizard's robe's shading that much. I'd use brighter shades to highlight him, his servant and the dragon. The dragon is fine, but I'm wondering if the bottom of the pit shouldn't be darker, along with the stonework.

Phantom K: This is quite good, and I find the idea of cutting/stabbing an evil jelly to death quite funny! It feels unfinished though. I think you still have some work on the monster in terms of rendering transparency, so that it integrates itself better into its environment. In this case you just have to find a shade between one of the reds of the jelly and one of the greys of the walls/floor: it's usually easier to desaturate a colour than add a colour to a grey. I'd also consider giving a bit more depth to the room, either through lighting or depth of field.

Previous: One of my favourites in this category: I love the colours, especially the background! The green and red of the buildings stand out too much to me, and I think a bit of tweaking on the clusters of the sprites would do no harm. I think there's too much AA on that dragon btw.

Starsock64: Great sense of lighting, space and place! It's a shame it's still sketchy and lacks any characters. This would've been the winner for me hands down if it were finished.
Really appreciate the crit. The queen was supposed to be in a carriage/throne type thing with a servant carrying her, but I didn't have time to do that so I left her in some enigmatic thing. Shy
I'm sorry to say this guys, but I really don't feel up to a third round for TUGS. The timing is wrong, everybody is going back to school and it's getting complicated to organize. Morale is low due to the sheer length this has been going on for, so that's why I want to end TUGS now.

I'll write up C+C for the Expert category, then set up a score table and that'll be it for this year.
Alright. It was still a great experience, I learned some new things and you did a fine job organizing it!
Its ok, I was actually able to start a couple pixels. (Now I just need to finish them...)
Probably for the best. I was thinking of dropping out anyway, since I really can't keep making sprites, work on my own game projects, do schoolwork and hold my job at the same time.

It was a good experience though, glad I participated. :]
Welp, we didn't finish this year again. Oh well.

Anyhow yeah, I liked my crit., I have this thing where I think something looks slightly jaggish even if it isn't and I can't stand it and try to AA everything. Now that I see that that's a problem I'll try to see how I can cut back. I'm so, so picky about each individual pixel that it feels like it's become a sort of downfall for me... I just get stuck and try to do what looks best in my eyes (which my eyes are not yet trained, I guess I need to pixel some more to develop some good eyes and knowledge like everyone else so I can crit. people) and then the rest doesn't turn out very good because of my lack of skill. Thank you all for this amazing experience though.

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