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Full Version: Concerning the third round
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TUGS has been going on for a long time... do you want a third round?

I won't be available this Friday onwards, for about a week or more. This week I'm going to be busy with Real Life, so you won't see much of me either.
What I'm saying is I won't be able to post a round then.

We could postpone the next round until after then, we could start it now but give ourselves extra time, or... we could end TUGS, and do some sprite duels or whatever.

The thing is about Option no.2 is that I'll need the judges' results by this week, and the assignments, creating the threads etc. which will take some time, time which I'm unfortunately running out of.

Anyway, let me know what you want.
I'm going to be moving for graduate studies at the end of the month and I have to get ready, I wouldn't be able to participate in the next round if we did it early. September is good for me though, if we're going to extend it that far.
I'm obviously just in this to practice my pixel art, seeing how there isn't a prize for the winner other than recognition and a big ego. Let us just get something established and well thought out for competitions, that's all I want.

Also, I like how you capitalized 'real life', as in the section of the forums.
I can wait as long as necessary, but we REALLY need to finish TUGS this time... I wanna see who makes it to the end!
Let Shawn handle TUGS 2012!

Thank this post if you agree. Smile
Hell yeah, let's start on the 31st!
Perhaps we could start on the 1st of September (or whenever) if that means x0_000 could join?
We'll see when more people reply. Thanks for the feedback! Smile
I really wanna see this one end, and I found you a great organiser. Most people are free in September. Continue Tugs in September or let Shawn handle it. He'll take good care of it.
Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment, I felt I could've done better (like now, I almost forgot about the deadline).
I think I'll most likely let it finish in September, I have two weeks before I start college (on the 13th).
I want to see you handle the rest of TUGS, Chris. I think you did great. Smile

Then maybe next year Shawn can give you a break.
I guess we could start on the 31st but I'm moving to a new home on Sept.3rd so idk if I'll even be able to finish a entry for it then.
Too many people dropping off at every round that the winner will be the last to miss the deadline. How bout this time you just make it start now and last till ~10th of september then?
im gone until the 29th so unless its postponed i can't do the third round anyway. i guess, im good with it whether it ends now or is postponed
I'm cool with either way, prefer to settle it sooner but is not that big of problem if it's get pospone. And really hope to see this go all the way to the end.
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