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Round 2's theme: The King's Court

I want you to represent the king and his court in a diptych: this means you have to handle two canvases that work as a whole piece.
You must put in at least the king and the queen, the jester is optional.
The palette must include pure yellow (FFFF00 HD; 60/100/100 HSV; 255/255/0 RGB).

Strasteo VS BynineB VS Omega VS Mighty Jetters:: the court is feasting.
CeeYVSDudemaster47VSPerseusVSJuninFC: the king and the queen are praying.
AlexVSAlex IDVVSTomGuycottVSMRSKELETON: the court is out hunting.

Deadline is Monday the 15th, 7PM EST!

Post your WIPs here!
OK now, before I start, I need to ask about a few things.

1: I essentially should draw two big rectangles with a hinge in the middle to make the dipsych?
2: Should the king and queen go on separate sides, the same one, both, or what?
3: Should we basically draw an image of them eating/sitting at some food table in some room?
4: Any idea how big we should make them?
5: And my most important question... do we have to detail our entries like a real dipsych like you linked to? I was worried about this.
Forget the handle, I want two canvases that are used as a whole piece- like these:
[Image: metaru.png?14]|[Image: zeemort.png?3]
2-4-5 are all up to you. 3 is correct.
Can we put decorative thingies on the corners of the frames? I have an idea for mine (but it won't be gaudy Christmas lights Tongue).

[Image: ilOCCs.png]

EDIT: Dang, I just realized how tiny this really is... Blank
yeah, if you like! watch out, because you have another one to do, too.
[Image: hYIMJ.png]
I have no idea what im doing here.


[Image: jIZEr.png]

Im a little on the fence with this and I don't have any idea how I should shade the king inside the mural, if someone could give me a suggestion, it would help.
i'm against that guy fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

(with the way you're doing it right now, I'd imagine you'd shade it as if it were embossed into a stone tablet.)
And I'm against the three best contenders. o_O

Best of luck to all of us!
[Image: TUGS2011-BeginnerRound2-TheKingsCourt-1.png]

Let's do this.
Oh that reminds me, do both frames have to be separate images or can they be within the same image?

Like Strasteo's for example.
They have to be separate, that's the point.
Uh. I'm not going to be able to finish this in time. Like, remotely. I don't have the time to do this, so...

I'm dropping out.
(08-11-2011, 09:17 PM)Dudemaster47 Wrote: [ -> ]Uh. I'm not going to be able to finish this in time. Like, remotely. I don't have the time to do this, so...

I'm dropping out.
Since there is no specified canvas size, couldn't you at least find time for something small (like two 32x32 canvases) and do at least something quick and then drop out with honor?
I'd be sad otherwise :'(
[Image: ZoAuS.png]
gonna do the queen eventually
(08-12-2011, 11:42 AM)Omega Wrote: [ -> ][Image: ZoAuS.png]

Hooooooly crap... We're doooooomed! Very Sad
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