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Round 2's theme: Afraidy Lackey

I want you to depict a wizard and his lackey. The situation will be specified per duel.

The canvas size MUST be 64x128.

Ever VS Gorsal Jr: The lackey knows his master got the potion wrong...
Starsock64 VS Previous: The wizard is giving the lackey a ride on his magic carpet.
CshadVS mr grumbleguts: the lackey must feed the pet dragon under the wizard's supervision.
GaryASPGVS Phantom K: How will the wizard and his lackey get rid of the jelly monster?

Deadline is Monday the 15th, 7PM EST!

Post your WIPs here!
[Image: 6r8DB.png]
Just posting this to smash your illusions of winning this round, Starsock64!
[Image: fUwug.png]

Really early work in progress, Mostly getting my idea down

[Image: VVP4n.png]

Just figured out how to make the wizard look like he's actually inside of the jelly monster
[Image: DUjAD.png]
[Image: 6SOfU.png]
(08-10-2011, 04:24 AM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ]BAM!
[Image: 6SOfU.png]

I love those colors.
[Image: Xe8TA.png]
Another update

Wish more people would post some progress
So do I, PK, so do I. Sad

These WIPs are looking great so far!
The blue on the background look like ocean wave is coming, and I think remove the outline of the sun would be better.

My sketch to drop down ideas...
[Image: unled1fy.png]
Going for the 2nd sketch because other 2 the lackey are in background. Got some reference from Google searching lackey, wizard. Around 5 hour later during work...

[Image: wipfn.png]
And then his master turn in to a frog, so you as the lackey have to venture through dark forest search for ingredient for potion to dispel it.

Still have shirt, hair, beard, background to do. Don't know it look obvious for the subject given or not, so some feedback would be nice.
[Image: NxXMA.png]
(08-08-2011, 12:04 PM)Chris2Balls [:B] Wrote: [ -> ]The canvas size MUST be 64x128.
(08-10-2011, 09:54 PM)Ever Wrote: [ -> ][Image: wipfn.png]
The canvas size MUST be 64x128, not 128x64. It's a shame because I like your current version! Sad

(08-11-2011, 03:21 AM)Previous Wrote: [ -> ]Aye
[Image: NxXMA.png]

Is that a dragon I see in the background?
[Image: wsj6g.png]
Big Grin Rainbow carpet!!

[Image: unled1rrt.png]
Here's a WIP and a complete piece, don't know did I take out or added something to it compare to the previous one. But going to stay as it is until I figure what else I need fixing or to be add.

Would like to see more people post their work...
I think you should go with a different color for the lackey's clothes so they won't blend in with the wizards robe that much.
Pretty cool piece though!

Yours too, PK, really nice work. I hope the others have something great up their sleeves as well!
[Image: PMGto.gif]
ughgghhhhhhuuuuu this is such a piece of shit
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