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1.Drazelic: 30pts
2.JosiahT: 26pts
3.Chris2Balls: 24pts
4.Starpower: 19pts
5.Clear: 19pts table: 15pts
7.x0_000: 14pts
8.des: 8pts
9.Gnostic Wetfart: 7pts
10.Pik: 3pts
11.Untitled: 0pts
12.DJVenom: 0pts


1.Ever: 25pts
2.Gorsal Jr.: 23pts
3.Starsock64: 20pts
4.Previous: 19pts
5.Cshad: 18pts
6.^^mr grumbleguts^^: 42pts
7.GaryASPG: 10pts
8.Phantom K: 10pts
9.Rakia: 7pts
10.lone wolf rayet-star: 3pts
11.Solink: 0pts
12. MXXai: 0pts
13. X Gamer 66: 0pts


1.Strasteo: 39pts
2.BynineB: 32pts
3.Omega: 31pts
4.Mighty Jetters: 28pts
5.CeeY: 26 pts
6.Dudemaster47: 26pts
7.Perseus: 23pts
8.JuninFC: 19pts
9.Alex: 18pts
10.Alex IDV: 17 pts
11.TomGuycott: 13pts
13.Sir Zadaben: 8pts
14.[robo9]: 3pts
15. Grooveman.exe: 0pts
16.Britt: 0pts

Those crossed out have been eliminated. Those with ^^ have been moved up a category.
I'll update the post with points soon.
Next I'll be sorting out the duels, then the second round will start.

Also: don't whine this time round.
I... I made it to 4th place? I can't believe it... Thank you judges!!
G-g-gah! A one point difference... that's definitely salt in the wound.


Still, everyone that made it through deserves it more than me so I'll just wish good luck to you all!
Actually, you're still in, man. I can't eliminate you when some people didn't even post anything in Expert.

It seems like OpenOffice Calc has made a few errors, which I'll fix as I go.
Oh. I guess I shouldn't have peeked at the early rankings Shy
second place

What are the points based off of?
The points are based on your position from each judge's ranking.
So I guess more of the judges liked my piece more than st0ven and Jeremy since I was only 5th and 7th respectively?

That's awesome... so in this round we're finally getting duels right?
You were 5th twice, and 7th once.

Yes, there are duels. In the Beginner tier it's three matches of four.
So that means I came 11th once?
Yep, that's right.
Well, it was fun while it lasted, good luck to everyone still around, and congratulations. Smile
what was the point of the matchups
Phew. Glad to see I moved on. Good luck in the next round everybody!
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