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As requested by several contestants, I asked the judges to give C+C if they had the time.
I've had some feedback from st0ven, and I cannot express how much I am grateful of the attention he's given to TUGS.
Anyway, here it is:

I also have to thank Jeremy for dedicating his time to TUGS, I really appreciate it! Smile

Dammit, last again. Although I atleast understand why, and I didn't expect much for the amount of time that was put into it.

After looking at the other entries, I kinda disagree with me being placed last. I'm not gonna get into it that much, as I don't want to come off assholish and rude. But doesn't really matter, nothing I can do untill the rest of the rankings and what not are tallied. Even if I'm still ranked last, still not anything I could do about it, as it's the judges decisions and what not.
Finished updating.

Right, st0ven has ranked these too, and I've kept the ranking he created.

This isn't the definitive ranking, it's st0ven's opinion which I'll have to synthesize with other judges' views.
Thanks for the C+C, I will take all of that into cnsideration for future works besides the eye complaint, that was deliberate. I pictured it as a sort of wander-back-and-forth enemies that isn't aware of the player until the run into it.
Was st0ven the only one who gave feedback? Just wondering.
I really can't disagree with what was said about mine. I procrastinated way too much and tried to finish it on the last day, even though the amount of detail I had planned to put into it would have taken several days at least.
Of course, the animation wasn't even part of my entry but rather some random personal closure of my working process (just because I can and simply had to use that animation application I made back then) Smile
Thanks! Cute
yeah i tried to throw mine together in two days heh
I can't really disagree - it was not finished at all : X
Man, my intentions with my entry were completely misunderstood because of missing things Sick Nonetheless I appreciate the feedback!
Wow, the critique is exactly what was going through my head when looking at the final product, I suppose I should go with my gut feeling for the next round.
that's basically what i did
im not 'in it to win it'; i literally don't care about the competition at all i'm basically just doing it for the practice
Well I guess this is a good sign, as the fears/laziness of my piece has been found Tongue
When I find something wrong I really should fix it, but this does help, good idea.
Waitwaitwaitwaitwait... I MADE IT TO 5TH PLACE (in St0ver's opinion)?!

AHEAD OF PERSEUS?! Whose entry was better than mine?! Wow...

I only shaded it that much (the shading on the body was somewhat last-minute, I had to leave) because that's the only way I knew how to make it look nice since I'm not really that good with texturing/detailing, otherwise it wouldn't have been that much trouble. Honestly though I really love that you actually showed the crit. for our entries (wish you'd have done that for the prelims too) and I'm cool with what I got. I actually kinda agree about the shading too. I know it wasn't the best, but I tried my hardest. Big Grin
in response to mine, mine was a nod to conan, in particular this
[Image: KingConan2.jpg]
but yeah, it probably would've made a stronger piece with some perspective
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