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Round 2's theme: Afraidy Lackey

I want you to depict a wizard and his lackey. The situation will be specified per duel.

The canvas size MUST be 64x128.

Ever VS Gorsal Jr: The lackey knows his master got the potion wrong...
Starsock64 VS Previous: The wizard is giving the lackey a ride on his magic carpet.
CshadVS mr grumbleguts: the lackey must feed the pet dragon under the wizard's supervision.
GaryASPGVS Phantom K: How will the wizard and his lackey get rid of the jelly monster?

Deadline is Monday the 15th, 7PM EST!

Thread re-opened. GO!
[Image: Gb8qG.png]
That's it! I call it done!
Was wondering today is 15th or not...
[Image: unled1ati.png]
Here is it, didn't really have time to change anything.
[Image: jEbA7.gif]
i guess this is done

i guess
[Image: GCnJ9.png]
the wizard's cloak has no creases nor folds because it is magic.
Right, at :30 it's definitely closing.

I'll send off the results tomorrow, I need some decent sleep.