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Full Version: TUGS \\ First Round \\ Intermediates \\ Finished Entries
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Let's see what you've got!
[Image: wkGFo.png] eh
[Image: tugsentryn.png]

Didn't finish in time

Oh well though, this was fun - and I'll probably end up finishing it outside of TUGS.


[Image: tugsentry.png]

This is as far as I'll get

It's 2 Am

I'm going to bed
[Image: XHoBE.png]

Well shoot, I wanted to do a "real" background and do something with the sand and stuff but I just don't have the time. I scrambled together as many details as I could though.

I didn't think I was gonna bother making changes but I did after all. Wish I woulda got more done...
[Image: 7XzSM.png]
Great work, guys!

Since quite a few pieces haven't been given in yet, I'm keeping this thread open another 15 minutes, and if some people don't make it before I go to bed, I'd appreciate it if they sent me a PM with their entry. Thanks!
[Image: RwwR0.gif]
I'm leaving a bit more time for the others to post their finished entries (ie 15 hours). You can touch up your work in the meantime.
[Image: unled1copyu.png]
[Image: tugsb.png]
The first round is now finished. I'll send these off to the judges.

The next round will last a week.