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Full Version: TUGS \\ First Round \\ Beginner \\ Finished Entries
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Let's see what you've got!
My not so impressive SeaMonkey

[Image: 29sx0y.gif]

How long will they take to judge, Chris? I wanna start the next round now!
It's Crappy the crab! Big Grin
[Image: 2s66al3.png]
Oh well, I tried my hardest. Smile
This is all I could whip up
[Image: tugsu.png]
(08-03-2011, 01:49 PM)CeeY Wrote: [ -> ]This is all I could WIP up

i made a funny.

[Image: yPnQ6.gif]
[Image: qufUB.png]
I'm digging what I'm seeing here!

Since quite a few pieces haven't been given in yet, I'm keeping this thread open another 15 minutes, and if some people don't make it before I go to bed, I'd appreciate it if they sent me a PM with their entry. Thanks!
Some people have posted their finished entry in the WIP thread
I thought we could just... post them in the WIP topic, but sure, here it is.

[Image: 1-final.PNG]
[Image: XJEWZ.png]
[Image: 2mqp4bq.png]

All this is is a giant pun. Wish I didnt have camp for the past two weeks, or I couldve been a tad more elaborate~
I'm leaving a bit more time for the others to post their finished entries (ie 15 hours). You can touch up your work in the meantime.
[Image: dhJ1i.png]
if someone could animate the first four frames for me it would be great
[Image: d40mt.gif]
Chris... that's a pretty bad animation.
I can't tell if that was intended or not.
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