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Full Version: Why did you change your identity(ies)? (avatar/signature/others)
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This thread is for anybody who changed your avatars, signature or nickname.

Me, You, Others.

I did not change my avatar nor signatures but I thought it would be nice to make this thraed incase anyone needed. Explain why you made the change(s).

Thank you on advanced Wink Wink
gorsal i love you oh my god
I added un accent to my name a while back because les accents are super cool et super frenchs
because mause is cool but my lazy flash animation isn't.

still better than an Eridan doll.

signature forthcoming...

EDIT: sig done
Popeye. Because he's one badass motherfucker who will fuck your shit up

Ugugugugug! Toot-toot!
(07-28-2011, 05:54 PM)RétroX Wrote: [ -> ]I added un accent to my name a while back because les accents are super cool et super frenchs

i think you mean "le méga cool" Wink

i haven't changed anything apart from added a fast gif of zangief (zangif) in my sig.
im lord algony lod agy

because im so proud of my son
Changed my name back to diogalesu since it's more known here then any other name I have had.

Avatar was supposed to be for a PJ competition but I realized I was late to enter it, I ended up using it as an avatar instead.

Because toy story owns I and I like the emotion on woody you can tell why I bothered to make it my sig.
Because Hades rules!
I gave OoT 3D Link a rest and Metroid's 25th anniversary is also this year, so I'm going with Samus for awhile.
because dizzy gillespie deserves to be a shark
Because who doesn't love Randy Savage?

The actual reason is related to tSR:FSDtW, but that part is a secret right now~


Is it just me, or is my avatar incredibly small?
Because riding the wind on a leaf over a bottomless pit on a dangerous adventure is fun.
Because I've had the same avatar in three years.