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Full Version: TUGS \\ First Round \\ Round Time Extension
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Several people have wished for a time extension for Round 1's deadline.
I'm making a poll to see how much more time everybody wants.
Please specify how much more time you want if you choose "Other".
I'd love any amount of time you can give, honestly. If a week or so's too much to ask then I guess I'll go for 4/5/6 days? More than 3 would be nice.
Putting any choices for hours besides multiples of 24 seems quite unnecessary and would probably confuse the deadline even more. I voted for two days, but that's my baseline expectation for being able to get mine done without having to pull any all-nighters like I did for prelims. Any extra time would mean more details and more polish and would just be a great thing in general.
infinity hours, that way when we are old men and decide to finish it, we don't have to worry about due dates!
2 more would be groovy. I'd hate to have my entry or any of my fellow 'experts'' entries to end up rushed.
I voted 'Other' because honestly, I don't care; I guess I'll be able to finish mine in time (since we have until monday), but it appears that several other contestants might need more time and getting a bunch of unfinished entries would be a shame. I do hope, though, that everyone already started working!
I voted 24, but 48 seems fine too. I don't think you should go beyond that much extension because it could bring bad habits of procrastination and just make people lose interest in TUGS.

We need to finish it this year, god damn it.
Okay, thanks for voting, folks! Smile

Deadline is now the 3rd of August (4PM EST).