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Alright, guys!

I'm going to ask you to sprite an aquatic creature.
It can be animated, and it cannot exceed 128x128 in dimensions.

You have from today till the 3rd of August (4PM EST) to finish this. Good luck!
Quick quick quick quick MS paint sketch on my laptop before work just because I couldn't resist doing something for it RIGHT NOW!

[Image: ugf31.png]
I'm actually glad I landed here. I wouldn't want to try and attempt to make something 256x144 dimensions... o_O

Will get something up in a little while! Thank the stars I have an idea this time!!
wait don't we have to vs. somebody?
Not in in this round, I'm afraid.
(07-18-2011, 08:26 AM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: [ -> ]Thank the stars I have an idea this time!!

no no, that's the expert round
[Image: TUGS2011-BeginnerRound1-AquaticCreature96x96.png]

[Image: flWzG.png]
WIP of a sperm whale
Does it have to be an enemy, or can it be the protagonist?
Whatever you like as long as it's an aquatic creature.
am i in beginners should i do this hello
are you out of ideas for le scaphandrier chris??

[Image: rmuNy.png]
[Image: pPplL.png]
Can it be a mythological or completely original creature, or only an actual species?
If I didn't specify that you couldn't, you can.
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