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[Image: 8bitJusteICON1.gif]

Now, you guys have a choice here for the final sheet: you can choose a larger but more specific sheet (click here for the large sheet),
or you can choose the smaller, not so specific (and not so organized) sheet (Click here for the small sheet).

To be honest, I can't decide on which sheet I want to upload, so if this gets accepted, pick whichever sheet you guys at tSR want :>
Congratulations on a job well done! I think maybe I'd prefer the larger one due to the fact that it shows how everything is supposed to be used.
Nice one! I'm going for the large sheet choice too.
Other Ideas for 8 bit Castlevania characters:

Maxim (Harmony of Dissonance)
Soma Cruz, Yoko Belnades, Julius Belmont (Aria of Sorrow)
Dmitrii Blinov, Dario Bossi, Celia Fortner (Dawn of Sorrow)

I have not played Portrait of Ruin so I have no idea about those characters.
(08-14-2008, 04:35 PM)Ryan914 Wrote: [ -> ]Soma Cruz

Already done
although looking at it now, I think I might fix it up and make it better (if I find the time and/or motivation to do so)

but I was thinking about doing something with Nathan Graves next, but idk
and I can't do Richter Belmont because it's been done by somebody over at (I believe it was) Mr. P's Castlevania Lore fansite (in fact, that was my inspiration to do Soma in 8-bits)
and I was thinking about doing a whole Harmony of Dissonance devamp project, but I doubt I'd finish it :<