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Full Version: Generic Tilesets
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I made my first custom-made tileset.

This tileset is tiles of a Grassland or Field in Spring, in the daytime. Next one coming up (God willing) is a Spring Grassland/Field at night.

This is in no particular series--so it can be for any game, be it Mario, Zelda, Sonic, or whatever. Basically a Generic Tileset.

Er, bear in mind this is my first overall submission (sprite or tiles), and one of my first attempts at tilesets (outside of my own personal games). So, if you have suggestions on how to improve, do so, but please be lenient.

Anyway, I hope this meets at least the minimum standards, as again, this is my first submission. And I believe this is complete.

[Update] I know, the flowers look like the Mario Fire Flowers--just a coincidence. All these were made in Paint Shop Pro.
... Yeah, this is incredibly poor. There is really nothing good about these - you've taken the circle tool, line tool or just paintbrush and drawn things.

The lack of shading, and actual construction for these is really bad - there is no real "tile" use for them either, as the platform is just a whole, solid platform - it can't be tiled.
The flowers are obviously based on the fire flowers. Because that is such an obscure art style choice that you can't just have that as a coincidence.

And to top it off, it's not even based on a game, so we can't accept it anyway since we aren't a resource for generic materials.

Did you honestly think this would get accepted?
You need to post your custom work in Sprite Discussion first, to get some constructive criticism...