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Full Version: Ripping sounds?
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I'm not sure if there is already a post like this but anyways....
How do I rip sounds from the ds game?
I'm planning to rip Harvest Moon DS or Grand Bazaar?

But IDK how to rip the sound?

A few guys already ripped a big bunch of DS sound effects with this tool:
VGMtrans is rather...uh...testy... It's not the best thing to use, as it can't extract MP3's or anything similar, only MIDI's and when it does, it screws up the instruments. Then again, it's the only program I've found to do ANYTHING with DS sounds and music. Anyway, I've been trying to rip music from Legendary Starfy, any idea on how to do so?
i really need a metroid prime hunters rip?, i checked on the rpg maker site and the site have not made metroid prime hunters sound rips