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Full Version: StC Emperor Metallix
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Hi there! It's been a while since my last submission. (blame Minecraft*g)
Well, here's my Sunset Park Zone tileset, organized in chunks of 128*128.
I think those will suffice to get some rather decent maps, but as the sheet says, feel free to create your own chunks.
I'll try to get back to the Badniks and the other tilesheets this week, and damn i finally need to do Tidal Plant ^^''
[Image: sunsettiles.png]
[Image: spzicon.png]
Your icon has a backdrop that's not on the sheet...?
I just took one of my mockup screens for the icon. I can do another one, but this wasn't a problem with
the act3 icon. *points at the clouds*^^
[Image: sunsetpark_icon.png]
EDIT: How is this one?
[Image: spznew.png]
I'd say Emperor Metallix is now complete Smile
[Image: emperor_icon.png]
[Image: emperor_metallix.png]
maybe i should note, this is for non-game mediums Smile
Wicked! Big Grin

This looks way cool man.