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Welcome one and all to the VGR/tSRc/Internet Nerd Gathering Event for April!

This time 'round we're having a little essay competition. In preparation for May, VG Resource will be having a 30 Days of Gaming update-fest. This is more than your average crummy Facebook Fad, each day will have articles, features, and more dedicated to the topic of the day.

So where do you guys come in?
You, along with the existing staff of the VG Resource will submit content for the event! This is a great chance for you to flex your creative muscles, and share not only your love of videogames, but your entertainment skills.

The theme for each day goes as follows:
Day 1 - Very first video game (Nindo, Doom-ed)
Day 2 - Your favourite character (GaryCXJK, RadSpyro)
Day 3 - A game that is underrated (TomGuycott, RadSpyro, Supersmashbrawl) LOCKED
Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game (Tachikoma)
Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 6 - Most annoying character (ZetaBlast35)
Day 7 - Favorite game friendship/romance (Masquerain)
Day 8 - A soundtrack you love (Tonberry2k, Nindo, Doom-ed) LOCKED
Day 9 - A game event that made you emotional (TomGuycott, Final Light, Reverie Raven) LOCKED
Day 10 - Game with mechanics you love (RetroX, Nindo, Supersmashbrawl) LOCKED
Day 11 - Your favourite gaming platform (No console elitism/slander!) (Magma Dragoon)
Day 12 - A game everyone should play (PortalGuru)
Day 13 - A game you’ve played lots of times (TomGuycott)
Day 14 - Game with the best story (PortalGuru, Rokkan, Magma Dragoon) LOCKED
Day 15 - Important lesson(s) a game has taught me (PatientZero)
Day 16 - A game with ~style~ (PortalGuru, ZetaBlast35)
Day 17 - Favourite antagonist (Doom-ed, Magma Dragoon)
Day 18 - Favourite protagonist (Supersmashbrawl)
Day 19 - Your favourite game setting ((}:, GrooveMan.exe)
Day 20 - Favourite genre (PatientZero)
Day 21 - A genre you don't like, but a game you enjoy (GaryCXJK)
Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you (Tachikoma, Rokkan)
Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style (RadSpyro, tobigoodboy621)
Day 24 - Favourite classic game (Rokkan, Grooveman.exe)
Day 25 - A game you can't stand (but others like) (Masquerain, alecpike)
Day 26 - Memorable voice acting (GaryCXJK, tobigoodboy621)
Day 27 - Your coolest game experience (ReverieRaven)
Day 28 - Favourite game developer (GrooveMan.exe)
Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving (Masquerain, Final Light, ZetaBlast35) LOCKED
Day 30 - Your favourite game of all time (Tonberry2k, Reverie Raven)

- Post in this thread (or send us a PM or E-mail) claiming up to a maximum of THREE Days. Try and choose ones other people haven't chosen.
- Once THREE people have chosen a Day, that day is locked off.
In the event of high/low numbers of entrants, those caps may change.

With those three days chosen, work on what you're going to submit. This can be almost anything. A podcast, a video, a webcomic, an article.
- If you choose an article as an entry criteria, the submission has to be between 400-1000 words. 1000 is a limit, not a target.
- If you're including images in your post, be aware that the VG Resource's layout only allows for 590 pixels width maximum. Either make sure your images adhere to that, or we'll find other ways to embed it without pagebreaking.
Additional rules for other media will be added as needed.
Note: Don't use the same game for multiple submissions. This means that if you use, say, Super Mario 64 to answer one Day, the other 2 Days must be on other games. This doesn't mean that 2 (or more) different people can't use the same game, but remember you're being awarded 'originality points' here.

Submitting your entries
When your entires are finished, please PM/E-mail them to me. Or Dazz (maybe). If you're not a member of the message boards, or just don't want to use the PM system, you can e-mail your choice of topic and/or entry to us.

- Firstly, go to the Contact Us page on the VG Resource.
- In the Subject text box, put "30 Days of Gaming" with "Day Claim" or "Submission" if you want to be more specific. E-Mail sent without this Subject Heading are unlikely to be read!
- Include what days you want to claim and/or the submission entry. Because off-site entrants can't be easily checked upon, we request for you to submit your entires in one go along with your Day Claim, so we can ensure your spot on our listing is guaranteed.

While the submitted entires go up in May, you're advised to work on your entry during April. Your submission deadline is THREE DAYS before that Day's upload date. You can submit your entry any time before then.
For example, if you claim Day 12, you have until May 9th to submit it. Entries submitted after the date might not be accepted. Similarly, we have the grounds to disqualify any entries we deem 'inappropriate' for the VG Resource.

If you decide to bail on a Day you claimed, please give a WEEK'S NOTICE. TWO WEEKS if you can. That way we can re-open it for other people who don't go back on their promises. Rolleyes

Aftermath and Scoring
This event will continue right up until the 30th of May, obviously. During that time, please get the word out about the event, and comment on the VG Resource website about what articles you liked, which you didn't like, and why.

Afterwards, the VG Resource staff will go through all the entries, judging based on the quality of the work, creative use of the topic, whether it was handed in on time, and a couple of other factors.

While there are no losers, exceptional submitters will win something special from us, including an invite to write for the VG Resource whenever they please!

Feel free to start claiming Days and discussing the rules criteria in this thread. The 30 days aren't perfectly set in stone, and I may well replace some if you have good ideas. Let the fun begin!
I'd love to do a soundtrack one. (Donkey Kong Country 2)
Oh, I'm entering - not to win, just for practice, ahaha.

I'm taking -
*redacted* (I'll choose after more people have entered.)

You should mark those that are taken...
I'll be doing so, don't worry! You'll raise your blood pressure.
I'm assuming that we're allowed to do less than three?

If that's the case, I'll just take this one:
Day 10 - Game with mechanics you love
I never got to post in the interest thread, but I am interested in partaking in this event.

If I could, I'd like to take a slot in these categories:
Day 1- Very First Game
Day 8 - Game Soundtrack
Day 10 - Game mechanic

By the way, I think the Game soundtrack topic is going to be a popular topic.
So, since I think I technically took the last slot for that category, if someone else really wants to do that category I'll cede my slot to them.
Going to do: (with the games I'm going to use)

Day 7 - Favorite game friendship/romance - MOTHER series, Ness and Porky
Day 25 - A game you can't stand (but others like) - Persona 4
Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving - Trauma Center
Actually, I'm retracting my choices - it seems unfair to get first pick on something like this. I'll choose my entries later on, to fill up Days that haven't been chosen.
I'll take:
Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game (Sims 3)
Day 22 - A game sequel which disappointed you (Dragon Age - Origins. It's a spiritual sequel, it totally counts)
I will also take a couple unselected days, to help even out bits if needed.
I shall take:

Day 1 - Very first video game (Spider-Man)
Day 8 - Game Soundtrack (Portal: Still Alive)
Day 17 - Favourite antagonist (Dr. Robotnik)

I'd be will to change Day 8 and Day 17 if someone wants it more than I do.
I look forward to see how you can work a 400-word critique out of a single song.

No really, if you make that work I will be legitimately impressed; go for it.
One random question, but does an article have to relate to a single game? I mean, yeah, for certain ones like "favourite soundtrack," then you probably should. But for "game mechanics that you love," it would be better if I could talk about multiple games.
Some of these entries may indeed benefit from talking about multiple games; but at the same time, if you produce a list of "THESE ARE THE GAMES WHAT I LIKE", then you're going to risk the finished thing looking very unfocused.

These topic themes are vague enough to give you some creative leeway. Take advantage of that.
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