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Full Version: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker(Arcade Version) Ripping Project
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[Image: SectionICON.png]

This is a project that I think I started around two years ago, I guess you could say as a sort of tribute thing. After taking a break, adding bits to it off and on, I finally went back and figured out a way to get the rest of the sprites for the main Michael Jackson sheet that I needed starting a few weeks ago, then finished up the other sheets I had already got mostly done. There's still quite a lot to go, and several things I simply can't rip properly without some way to at the very least hack the palettes, if not actually view the tiles. If anyone here has any idea how to do that, please tell me... anyway, on to the show!
(Sorry if the categorizing is kinda bad here)

[Image: MichaelJacksonICON.png]

[Image: AttractModeICON.png][Image: CutscenesICON.png][Image: MapsICON.png][Image: GameOverICON.png]

[Image: 8x8FontICON.png]

I'm hoping to rip the entire game myself eventually, but I won't get mad if someone else rips something. Again, if anyone has any idea how I could change the palettes or view the tiles for anything that's not the background, numbers and such, please, let me know!
Sweet job!! Can't wait to see more! Big Grin
Wow, this is some nice work here!
Wow, excellent!
These rips are absolutely amazing! Great job!
I look forward to seeing more from this, this game was awesome.
Good ..... Is a great work.