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Full Version: Just make it GROW, ja?
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[Image: grow1.png]

Add whatever you'd like, as long as it's isometric.

Street art is the theme, I clearly used a reference for this.
i would be easier if you actually add a grid or a guideline that others could follow.
nah, the whole point of it is to just have fun really. i'm not too concerned with grids or guidelines. i've done this before, after all.
That's not how it works if you want people to join in.

It's like teaching people to swim by tossing them into the deep end.
that's how we did it back in the day, kid.
let your imagination run wild
I sure as hell remember that there was a grid or at least a guide. It wouldn't hurt dude and would get the topic moving.
draw a grid, please
i know nothing about iso so without some sort of guideline there's no way i could enter this
[Image: grow1.png]

actually, you're thinking of something completely different from this, but go nuts. there's a couple of spaces.