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Full Version: [READ BEFORE POSTING] Spriting & PixelArt Rules (UPDATED 02/28/2012)
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This is going to be a simplified version of the old rules thread wich can be found here. Everything on the preface still applies, and reading it will help you have an idea of how we work with sprites around here.

There are Main Guidelines everyone must ackonowledge when using these boards. Failing to follow them will result in a warning or a punishment from any Board Moderator according to your fault.

Spriting & Pixelart Rules

1.Be Polite, Be Efficient, Have a plan to help everyone you meet.
This Board's main purpose is to help people work on their development as pixel artists/spriters. Another purpose is to serve as a form of quality control for those who plan on submitting their custom work to the website, for example. Therefore, as a regular poster you're free to help with advice, provide your opinion on the subject, or joke about the topic(joke =/= flaming/trolling). However, keep the offtopic and the aggresivity to a minimum, and if anyone decides to go apeshit on a reply, use the REPORT BUTTON ([Image: postbit_report.gif]) and one of the mods will deal with it properly. Do not take justice on your hands, cowboy.

2.Use your sixth sense wisely: Common sense
Someone who just started on the world of pixel art might not be aware what is Antialiasing, or would lack the knowledge of how does lightsources work, or why should do that you're telling him. Keep in mind that your advice/comment/joke will be useless if OP doesn't understand such concepts that are unkown for most people. For that reason, keep your advice as simple and clear as possible, and in the case OP wonders what certain concept/term is, direct him to the Pixel/Spriting Dictionary thread we got here, or paste the definition on the thread. Both things work.

3.Take it Easy with Edits/Recolors/etc.
Some people would like to post edits, splices, frankenmons, tracing, recolors, and that is fine. Just hold your breath, take a shot of the nearest alcohol you can reach and explain him that the nature of said issue sometimes wouldn't benefit him, or that he should avoid do these because x reason you might want to elaborate (kicks in someone's face aren't an elaborated argument). If OP insists on them, then let a mod deal with it and if that doesn't work, just leave the thread alone. DON'T FUCKING POST SHIT ON IT because doing so just bumps it on top of other more worthy threads.

Everyone hates being the new guy. Especially if he acts like a dick for no reason and suddently he's a smartass who would just post 5 times his 4chan memes over and over. Keep in mind: keep yourself humble, don't be scared to post, feel free to joke with the rest of the people, etc.

Do not use the site's attachment system to post images, except if having troubles (urgency, image sites failing). Use image hosting sites such as imgur instead.

There's a 6th, unwritten rule that just states that any stolen material either posted here or anywhere else will not be tolerated (Universal Rules, ยง7) and immediate action will be issued against those who just want to pop quick fame into their names. Stolen material includes custom sprites done by someone else or trying to pass oficial sprites as yours, etc.

[By posting/opening a thread on these forums you acknowledge said guidelines and agree with what they state.]