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Full Version: Pac-Man Championship Edition
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Next up in my mobile game spritesheet submissions, is Pac-Man Championship Edition Smile

This game wasn't that hard to rip from, which is good Tongue

[Image: PCMNCMPmain.png]


[Image: Section.png]


[Image: main.png]
Here's another sprite sheet for this game. It's the Menu and BG sprites Smile

[Image: BGSpr-1.png]


[Image: MenuBG.png]

Enjoy Smile
Nice! Smile
I wasn't aware there was a mobile version of this. These sheets are pretty sweet.
there are good rips

but in the page are two Main Sprites(IOS) in the page
2 year necropost. please don't bump threads that are a month or more old.
I didn't realize that stuff was already ripped though when I uploaded Superjustinbros'. I'll go delete it now, thanks.