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Full Version: Street Fighter 2010 - The Final Fight
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Loved it as a kid; still love it today.
I am new to the guidelines for what is a good rip so I figured i would take what i ripped for a possible remake someday and post it for tSR.
There are some frames missing which I will get to later along with some all the power ups, health, and HUD sometime soon.

I just want to know if I am on the right track. And I want to contribute to tSR since there are many sheets I have used and/or edited from tSR's main site since back when it used to be sectioned by company(Nintendo, Square, SEGA, Capcom, etc) instead of by system.

Enough talk, here:
[Image: kenst2010.png]
Wow, you've been around a while. It's coming along great, but like you said, it's not done. Bump this topic when you've finished him up and I'll be happy to put it on the site!
Here you are. Lot more frames than I thought. I tried to arrange it as best as possible. Many actions in-game use the same frames so I removed frames that were the same.


[Image: kensf2010complete.png]

Thanks for adding. I lol'ed at your comment on the news though. I honestly did not know Angry Videogame Nerd reviewed SF 2010.
Have to look it up. I loved SF 2010 even though it has nothing to do with Street Fighter.

I am working on some more rips. Mainly power-ups and the HUD. I should have those up in a few days for ya.
Sorry for the double post.
Actually went alot faster than I thought. I completely replayed the game. Only takes a couple of hours. Here's everything from the HUD, power-ups, and plasma bullets.

[Image: sf2010hudandpowerups.png]

To save space, I just placed the palette for the half-health, half-plasma, and empty-plasma next to them. Everything is arranged properly.

I didn't say it in the pic, but it also has the portal with the pieces for the portal above it.
Sorry for the necro-bump.

Here's a couple of missing sprites from Ken's skill set. The first 7 are from different flipping animations when holding onto an object (3 together, then the next 4) The last one is a jumping-kick attack.

[Image: k6pxdHs.png]