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Full Version: AptGG critique/feedback/suggestion thread
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I had one of these on my previous forums and think that, as a pixelart/critique based forum, this thread might be even more fitting on the spriter's resource.

Here goes:

As any of you who read my comic might have noticed, I make a mission out of trying to make my comic/pages/art better, possibly between every page, but mostly ever so often.

Sometimes this leads to experiments that aren't considered great by some or even by most, but it also leads to my comic not venturing into stale waters where it will never outdo itself (Like certain other webcomics that I won't name.)

Obviously I'm not all knowing and might miss some super obvious (or less obvious) things that could really be improved, so this thread is for anyone who noticed anything that could really be better.

Just a few short rules/elaborations:

1. this isn't just about art, anything not directly related to the quality of art can be mentioned.

2. Don't just mention what's off/wrong, give suggestions to the best of your ability on how to fix it.

3. this isn't a "you made a mistake in page 99 thread"; I might make one of those too eventually, this thread is specifically about the quality of the last x pages (say.. last 4-5, most up-to-date quality)

That's roughly all I have to say, hope people manage to use this thread.

TL;DR version:

Critique the comic to your heart's desire for the sake of making it better.