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Full Version: tSR Halloween Event! - There's a chill in the air...
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Ahaha! Hello, tSRians, one and all! I am Jack! Yes, yes, I realize that Halloween isn't until the end of the month, but honestly, does it matter? I'm here to announce a FORUM EVENT! Ahaha.

This will be our first annual tSR Halloween Event. We all know old Father Christmas has his Secret Santa, so I'm going to take a page from his book and make my own! Heheh!

The theme for this year is HORRIFY ANOTHER'S CHARACTER. You will all sign up here in this topic, and then I shall PM you who your partner will be. From there, you will take his or her character and horrify it! You may horrify it in any way possible; drawing, pixel art, digital art, 3D, whatever imaginable! As long as the final product is a halloween character, then we're all good to go!

You have until October 9th to sign up! After that, I'll PM you your partners, and you'll work from there. The entries will be due on October 29th, and I'll post them the 31st. This'll give me a day to round up any last minute entries and get everything situated. Anyone who signs up and finishes on time will get an up-rep from ole' me!

Think of this as a mini Secret Santa! This is all for fun, folks!

Sign up soon!

1. Devicho
2. Nicodemus
3. Omega
4. Phantom K
5. fish in space
6. Gabe
7. Ultimecia
8. MoneyMan
9. Alpha Six
10. Burn
11. Mech
12. Dr. Slouch
13. Pik
14. TomGuycott
15. Rakia
16. robo9
17. Cute
18. Chaoxys
19. Kat
20. Elk
21. Metaru
22. Sploder
23. DeepSeaTooth
24. Grooveman.Exe
25. Lexou
26. The KKM
27. Pugnificent
28. Teddy the Elite
29. Previous
30. S-cpu
31. Vipershark
32. Britt
33. Proton
34. Noise Breaker
35. E-man
36. Baegal
37. Solink
38. Arkinea
39. Brawler1207
40. CeeY
41. TKGB
43. TheSpriter
44. Sol
45. Angelglory
46. Butch
Consider this a signup. :3c
I'm on board
Sign me up!
count me in

although I'm pretty horrific already
sign me up bitches
Sign me up

I'm in! I'm in!
yo im down
I'll join in since I was linked here :I
alright sure
sign me up!
Add me add me add me PLEASE!
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