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Full Version: Pokémon Black and White backgrounds
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[Image: pokemonblackwhitetextur.png]
[Image: ancientcastleicon.png]
I'll post the background's textures here of pokemon black and white here. I've always loved dark place like pyramid, mansion or cave, like this place.
Very Nice!
I figured the first textures ripped from this game would be the opening legendary (or his model)
Anyway Hope to see more
[Image: ancientcastleicon.png] [Image: underwaterruinsicon.png]
Added a little texture on the ancient castle sheet and rip the textures for the sazanamy bay underwater ruins.

[Image: undergroundwaterwayopen.png] [Image: underwaterruinsicon.png]
Added a texutre on the underwater ruins sheet and ripped underground waterway opening.

Can I add this new sheet or I should wait until you update it? XP

Anyway, it's weird to see you uploading those here instead of your regular thread
[Image: electricrockcaveicon.png]
Electric rock cave ripped. For the underwater ruins it's because i haven't been in all floor.
Quote:Anyway, it's weird to see you uploading those here instead of your regular thread

I prefer post them in a new thread instead of my regular thread. Don't worry if you don't upload them quickly.

Are you going to put Battle Background? It will be helpfull for Game Makers Tongue!
Well, this is the game of the moment here on tSR, so it makes sense to make a thread for it
All up so far
[Image: ancientcastleicon.png] [Image: underwaterruinsicon.png] [Image: freezingcontainericon.png]
The last updated for the ancient castle and the underwater ruins (now i'm sureSmile) and the sheet of the freezing container.
[Image: towerofheavenicon.png]
New sheet, tower of heaven.
All the graphic-related resources sites need definitively could use more backgrounds. Nice
Sick! Having a blast with this game and I'm happy to see resources up.