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Full Version: Making Art Available for General Use
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Neorice, do you have any plans to make some of the art available on a permanent basis? You had some up on the 'vote' page a while back which I can't find any more.
I might, I've never felt the urge to be overprotective about my artwork (something that caused another pixelart comic a lot of drama in the past) though I'm not entirely sure what general use purposes they could/couldn't have.

As long as someone doesn't claim my stuff as their own or tries to make money off of my work I don't care much about general use though.
someone would probably end up making full animation sets for your characters

i guess it'd only be a glance away from someone making a game using your sprites.
i'd love to see that
just saying
(09-21-2010, 08:45 AM)Neoriceisgood Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not entirely sure what general use purposes they could/couldn't have.
bases for edits. all sorts of edits. i can just see it.
well yeah, that's a given

only problem is

there are only like two people who can nail neorice's style and one of them is neorice

so hopefully his stuff is too... advanced(?) for edits? I dunno.
its not like people will use his works to "emulate" his works.

people will surely trace them, use them as bases for those stupid digital dolls(for example) in the worst posible way mspaint allows them, and then they'll upload them to dA.
Someone's optimistic.
I'm not gonna be overly aggressive in preventing people from messing with my stuff, though I doubt much good will come from it, as Metaru said.

It's not gonna reflect negatively on me if people can't properly modify my sprites though.
(09-21-2010, 11:07 PM)Vipershark Wrote: [ -> ]there are only like two people who can nail neorice's style and one of them is neorice

yknow he's not some kind of pixelated messiah, right? i'm sure a lot of people can nail it no problem.
Thanking because imitating a style isn't that complicated if you have some skills.

also I'd like to have some of the art available for resources. I can use the comic's sprites so I can learn the techniques, colors and stuff used on it, and this process will be a lot faster with a small database containing a single example of he objects
you could actually submit them to tsr?
why not

it is a subcommunity after all!
I probably could submit some stuff, though I do feel like the non-constant state of the artwork (Unlike a more general sprite comic I completely rework my sprites entirely ever so often) makes it hard to really split it in meaningful/usable spritesheets that'd have a real place on TSR.

Though I must say I'm pretty happy with the most recent update to the art to the point where I might find big changes unnecessary, on the flipside I felt roughly the same about the past 2-3 big changes.

If there's anything I'd like to contribute it might be the pixelart backgrounds I've made for my comic, as I'd understand much more why people would want to use those in comparison to the character art.
(I know that there's still a chance the BGs would find their way into bad sprite comics, but I will add that unlike a large portion of this community I don't have a severe disdain for the cut n'paste type of sprite comics, I don't think they have much artistic merritt, but will admit that the sillier sprite comic communities are where my pixelart origins lie, so I can't just consider them a crime against humanity.)

Either way, I'm completely open to any form of contribution, though I don't feel like figuring out myself how or what. Wink

p.s. What's your sig from Metaru? It's vaguely mesmerising.
About met's sig, I can just barely read lips, it goes :
- Hey jack (or an other one-syllable name)
- ble blee ?
- Oh, Chocolate cake ! And Gameboy ! And me !
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