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Full Version: [GAME][IN DEVELOPMENT]The Blue
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[Image: blueshow.png?t=1284355679]

The Blue

Have you got the skill to venture through Blue Cave to find the magical inverse world?! Join Blue on his *accidental* finding of the Blue Cave. He's stuck, and doesn't know what to do...

Game: The Blue
Platform(s): Windows 98, XP, Vista, W7
Genre(s): Platform, Strategy, Adventure
Language: GML (Game Maker Language)

I have got most of the sprites done except finalized player sprites. Other then that, I have made backgrounds, tiles, items, backgrounds and the player engine. I probably will add some enemies.

The Team
Team Leader: Alex Haslam
Project Leader: Matthew Barber (me!)
Additional Programming: Jesper Gustaffson and Alex Haslam
Level Editor: Jack Penny
Level Design: Matthew Barber
Music: Sam Koller

a.k.a. Armoured Crow Productions

Heres one tile set in working...
[Image: attachment.php?aid=3834]

There is a lot of animated ones so I can't show them without a lot of bother.

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Sorry oh master .exe. Big Grin Should of read it, but then again... I changed it now, and also show an image of the tileset. I may also say on this post that the story is in progress, but on them short words of description will be the basic outline.

*presses that weird thank button*
These sprites REALLLLY looks SMW Tiles
(09-13-2010, 06:32 PM)gabrielwoj Wrote: [ -> ]These sprites REALLLLY looks SMW Tiles

Damn! I forgot this is the sprinters-resource. :/

Well done!
(09-14-2010, 01:12 AM)Mattex Wrote: [ -> ]the sprinters-resource. :/

[Image: MensTrack2007_2.sized.jpg]