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Full Version: [Fan Game][Near Completion]Ode to Zelda GB
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[Image: OtzGB-9.png]

I started making this years ago. It's literally so close to being done that all I have to do is the final boss, ending sequence, and credits. However, at one point, the game kept giving me an unexpected error upon every attempt of a test. Soon after, my laptop crashed, and I had all but forgotten that I had a backup on one of the online file-sharing sites. So because of that incident, I had to stop working on it through the lack of a computer. Then, as a reminder that it was one of my attempted projects, I posted it in my list of scrapped games and engines. I found it yesterday on one of the file-sharing sites I use as a back-up and found out that this one doesn't give the unexpected error. So, still so close to the goal, I decided I'll finish this up to add to my list of completed games Wink.

About the Whole Game...
This game is an enhanced remake of what was once an online arcade game called "Ode to Zelda." It featured a small world that used edited "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" sprites. Believe it or not, you could probably clear the whole game in under 2 hours.

About Heart Containers...
You can obtain a total of 16 heart containers, all of which are acquired in a certain order. Feel like you missed some? Kill all the enemies on the screen for any heart container availible there to appear.

About Magic Containers...
These, unlike Heart Containers, aren't required to be obtained in order, however, they are hidden in various places. Blast all rocks and pound all stakes to find them all!

About Sword Upgrades...
The first upgrade of the sword (Iron Sword) is hidden in a cave. The last upgrade of the sword (Master Sword) is hidden on the overworld.

About the Controls...
Here is a list of the in-game controls:
Z: Use Sword.
X: Use selected item.
Enter: Open Inventory/Pause the game.
Ctrl: Take a screenshot (These seem to be in PNG format, but are actually in BMP format, so before uploading them somewhere, save them as a proper PNG image file).

[Image: OtzGB.png] [Image: OtzGB-1.png] [Image: OtzGB-2.png] [Image: OtzGB-3.png] [Image: OtzGB-4.png] [Image: OtzGB-5.png] [Image: OtzGB-6.png] [Image: OtzGB-7.png] [Image: OtzGB-8.png]


Old to Zelda GB Download

Windows XP or later.
256 MB of RAM.

For 'An unexpected error occured while running the game.' recipients...
Check THIS and THIS on that situation. I already unchecked all Preload boxes, and this game doesn't use MP3's.

Since the game is near completion, I would like to hear any suggestions, ideas for Ganon, and feedback. Enjoy the game Wink!