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Full Version: [FANGAME][IDEA]Pokemon Action Game (Untitled)
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The usual bit where TommyBoycott comes forward with another silly Fangame idea. The Cocoron game idea isn't exactly on the backburner, but that game is such a personal quest that I'm putting a lot more time into the thought process. One night I got more and more ideas for THIS fangame into my head, though, and I just couldn't stop writing about it.

There are several things I hope to achieve by doing this project:
1. Develop an adaptable "engine" in Multimedia Fusion 2 that I can apply to future game ideas (like my Cocoron fangame idea).

2. Work in a broad source material I am comfortable with that I'm not as self conscious about so that I am more comfortable sharing results as they come along.

3. Make a halfway decent action-based game based on Pokemon (In this case, inspired by Megaman format TO AN EXTENT).

All ideas enclosed are tentative, though I have already begun to test out numerous necessary program events in Multimedia Fusion (baby steps at the moment because of work), and I've started to arrange sprites for one playable character and one playable boss using JoshR's custom sprites (though I doubt I'd want to use them in the end, because I'd feel bad because they are HIS lovechild of spriting, not to mention that he's temporarily on hiatus from doing more, and I've already listed somewhere near 100 total Pokemon I'd want to appear).

Anyway, here is my copied document. Lots of it needs polish, but due to certain circumstances I wanted to have additional backup for it, and I figured I might as well get feedback on the conceptual stage of it: