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Full Version: [GAME][PLAYABLE] - SAX the game
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SAX the game

[Image: saxgame.png]

Yes, this game is finally going to get started.

For those people who do not know me, my name is Sax (use to be Saxamaphone, also use to be an active and vivid tsr member from around 2001-2004/5 then stopped, possibly a comeback) and I am making a game for my Design and Technology Major Work.

So, with a little over than 48 hours to get this started and finished, I haven't given myself much time or opportunity to get this to the level of completeness I would have preferred a year ago.

BUT! What I will have done hopefully by the end of this is a small portion of the game, a demo, if you would. Obviously the markers wouldn't sit there for 20 minutes playing my game over and over. So, a short 2 or 3 minute level with a few challenges and different features will do sufficiently enough.

Please note the screenshot is a few days old and I have added a loop of randomly generated clouds in the background. I don't think the sprites will go into much more detail (trying to keep a cartoony feel with it) - maybe a dash of shading. What needs to be done is the level layout, the enemies, the boss, any puzzles and hopefully a final boss.

Using Game Maker here because of time constraints (I had planned to get this done in Flash but even with a year I don't think I could have gotten to this level of actionscripting) so of course there will be limitations in what I can do and/or my knowledge.

Am I allowed to post my game here? (it's an .exe so it'd be uploaded somewhere else)

Anyway, what I'm really after here is some encouragement and support. I know tsr isn't as active as it was all those years ago (or atleast i don't feel it is) but any tips or tricks would sure be helpful.

tl;dr making a game, give me c/c
Yeah, of course you can link your game - it's kind of the point for this subforum, heh.

Here is the .exe along with both .gmk and .gb1 files.

Move Sax with arrow keys and move the other guy with WASD. Horizontal platform works but vertical platform does not (and if anyone could tell me why i would be really thankful).

Let me get some more theory done before I jump into the refining of the game.