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Full Version: Animal Crossing Wild World
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So while ripping some Animal Crossing DS stuff (see that other topic) I came across the cloth textures and decided to go for them... and now here they are. Figured this would be the right place, huh?

[Image: acwwclothesicon.png][Image: acwwfishtexicon.png] [Image: acwwinsecttexicon.png][Image: acwwwallcarpeticon.png] [Image: wNMmc.png] [Image: 5frXS.png] [Image: 20NCv.png] [Image: w0qee.png] [Image: n8A0x.png] [Image: A2wtm.png] [Image: giPEG.png] [Image: kcU7b.png] [Image: 6pxb5.png] [Image: AJNRe.png] [Image: zXmjq.gif]

Some of the cloth textures broke my little pixel heart. :'(
But several others make up for that, I guess!

Very good!
Thank you!
I've got even more: Fish and insect textures!
However, I have no idea why the smallest butterflies got the biggest wing textures! O.o
I don't get it. Are these the bug and fish textures the way you see them in the museum or in your house?
I don't know for sure, but suppose they use the same textures in the museum and outside.

Anyways, I just added the wallpaper and carpet textures, too (it was quite hard to figure out which ones belong together)!
Keep it up!
All up ;p
Whoa I made it into the top 50 submitters! Big Grin
Hello (and sorry for bumping this old topic)!!

It's been a while! Well, I've had some unfinished rips left on my harddrive ever since... I totally forgot all about them! Well, I decided to finish them. Wouldn't take long, I thought... well, I had to invest several hours in organizing and aligning all these tidbits. But eventually, I finished and now present you the special NPC (Nook, Abel's, the Giraffe, ...) and villager textures! The sheets are a mess! Check the first post.

There's more (like object textures etc), but I'm exhausted and actually planned to play some Alan Wake today! So I won't add anything soon! I'm busy with university anyways :-I
The villagers sheet is jpeg'd. Might wanna fix that.
Whoa now. Looks like Imgur is trying hard to become the new ImageBitch. THAT'S NOT EVEN 200 KB YOU SAVED, YOU GODDAMN IDIOT! Besides, 912 KB is hardly "over 1 MB", thank you. Didn't know Imgur was that currupt already...

Thanks for pointing that out!

Stand by while I get myself a Dropbox...

There you go! All nice and clean..
I didn't think Imgur would jpegify anything on it's own so I didn't check... Welp. It was about time I set up my own dropbox anyways...
Again, thanks for pointint that out!
They're up! Amazing job Previous. Big Grin
There's another bunch of things. Now I'm tired of ripping again!
That should be enough for a while.
Got them! Big Grin